Island-Wide Precept Levels Revealed

Here’s the table showing the level of precept (local tax) paid in each Island area

A list of all of the levels of local precept tax around the Isle of Wight has become available.

The apparent zero council tax increase which has been highlighted by the Isle of Wight council recently doesn’t mean that overall council tax bills won’t be going up.

While the IWC part of the council tax remains the same, many Parish and Town Council’s across the Island are increasing their precepts to cope with providing services that the IWC have decided to cut.

Are IWC offloading non-statutory duties?
There is no limit to what increase the precept can rise by.

Some people feel the IWC is offloading some of their non-statutory duties onto the Town and Parishes, while not reducing the council tax they collect to provide these services.

As a result, quite a few Town and Parish precepts have gone up.

Ryde tops the table
An example being towns such as Ryde (population 30,000), whose precept has gone up to £319,800 to help fund Waterside Pool, the Tourist information Centre and the lifeguards that patrol the beach.

Ventnor precept has dropped slightly to £135,000, despite attempts to significantly lower the price – with the closure of Winter Gardens and stalling plans for a 20mph speed limit through the town centre.

Shanklin’s precepts have also risen drastically to an amount of £127,980.50 due to have to make arrangements around the closure of the library; tourist information; toilet closures in Chine Bluff and Skew Bridge, and numerous other issues.

Total precept collected by the town or village

Parish and Town Council Parish & Town Council Precept (£) Parish and Town Council Precept Band D Property (£) Isle of Wight Council Band D Property (£) Hampshire Police Authority Band D Property (£) Total Council Tax Band D Property (£)
Ryde 319,800.00 36.30 1,289.80 146.25 1,472.35
Ventnor 135,000.00 48.79 1,289.80 146.25 1,484.84
Shanklin 127,980.50 34.72 1,289.80 146.25 1,470.77
Newport 127,245.00 15.75 1,289.80 146.25 1,451.80
Bembridge 117,000.00 56.26 1,289.80 146.25 1,492.31
Sandown 115,000.00 44.33 1,289.80 146.25 1,480.38
Freshwater 98,469.00 38.76 1,289.80 146.25 1,474.81
Cowes 86,700.00 20.22 1,289.80 146.25 1,456.27
East Cowes 82,324.00 33.10 1,289.80 146.25 1,469.15
Wootton 57,800.00 38.61 1,289.80 146.25 1,474.66
Brading 56,775.00 67.51 1,289.80 146.25 1,503.56
Totland 40,277.00 29.46 1,289.80 146.25 1,465.51
Lake 37,500.00 19.51 1,289.80 146.25 1,455.56
Gurnard 32,000.00 39.69 1,289.80 146.25 1,475.74
Nettlestone & Seaview 29,910.00 17.47 1,289.80 146.25 1,453.52
Shalfleet 27,849.00 37.09 1,289.80 146.25 1,473.14
St Helens 21,650.00 37.19 1,289.80 146.25 1,473.24
Yarmouth 20,318.00 38.47 1,289.80 146.25 1,474.52
Brighstone 16,596.00 19.90 1,289.80 146.25 1,455.95
Godshill 14,500.00 23.77 1,289.80 146.25 1,459.82
Newchurch 14,380.00 12.99 1,289.80 146.25 1,449.04
Niton & Whitwell 12,200.00 12.38 1,289.80 146.25 1,448.43
Northwood 11,228.00 12.47 1,289.80 146.25 1,448.52
Whippingham 10,759.00 30.90 1,289.80 146.25 1,466.95
Calbourne 10,500.00 26.26 1,289.80 146.25 1,462.31
Wroxall 10,350.00 15.26 1,289.80 146.25 1,451.31
Fishbourne 8,638.00 20.73 1,289.80 146.25 1,456.78
Chale 8,600.00 30.41 1,289.80 146.25 1,466.46
Havenstreet & Ashey 7,778.00 22.10 1,289.80 146.25 1,458.15
Gatcombe 7,530.15 37.31 1,289.80 146.25 1,473.36
Arreton 7,172.00 18.24 1,289.80 146.25 1,454.29
Rookley 6,130.00 23.82 1,289.80 146.25 1,459.87
Shorwell 6,000.00 17.71 1,289.80 146.25 1,453.76
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Friday, 11th March, 2011 12:57pm



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  1. m butcher's comment is rated +3 Vote +1 Vote -1

    11.Mar.2011 1:13pm

    How is the towns like Newport and Ryde who have the best facilities pay the lowest council tax.But the little towns like Brading,and a village like Gurnard pay the most.

    • Simon Perry's comment is rated +2 Vote +1 Vote -1

      11.Mar.2011 1:22pm

      To be clear – the numbers in the two left-most figure columns are the precept, which is included in the collected council tax.

    • someone else's comment is rated +2 Vote +1 Vote -1

      11.Mar.2011 2:08pm

      Newport refused to fall into the trap of the IWC to make Parish / Town Councils to take on these extra services after consultation with its residents, They could not justify raising precepts which in effect was a double taxation. To be fair also Newport wasnt faced with the same amount of closures as other places on the island. And as a result agreed on a zero percent increase.

  2. witchfinder general's comment is rated +2 Vote +1 Vote -1

    11.Mar.2011 1:24pm

    Well Cowes has escaped, but I shall be watching very closely next year, as they semed to be starting to pump money into the millstone around our necks. The trustees of Northwood House wanted to take it over, they should be putting their money where their mouths are. I notice the newly elected councilor for Cowes south is very involved in Faulty Towers, Only been in a week and a nice 5 grand given to the house. How convenient.

  3. LooLoo's comment is rated +9 Vote +1 Vote -1

    11.Mar.2011 1:38pm

    I just found this from the County Press website.

    THE Island has one of the highest rates of antidepressant prescriptions in the country.

    No wonder! Having to put up with Pugh and Co it’s enough to make anybody depressed. It looks like the Doctors are going to be extremely busy seeing patients with mental illness over the next 2 years unless Pugh and his cronies resign.

  4. John's comment is rated +7 Vote +1 Vote -1

    11.Mar.2011 2:18pm

    I think the resons we have so much depression on the Island is that we have very few well paid jobs or jobs with any prospects for futre adavacement. Also t he average wage here is a lot less than many other places in Southern England,but the cost of living is just the same and in the case of Council Tax etc probably more.
    Poverty takes away peoples ability to choose in life,so they are under extra stress,with lots of one parent families and parents who earn just enough to get by. Nice scenery does not negate stressfull lives and lack of a living income!

    • Asite 2c's comment is rated +3 Vote +1 Vote -1

      11.Mar.2011 2:48pm

      I totally agree although it’s the Tory Government and IOW Tory Council that are mainly responsible for job losses and making people poor. They must carry most of the blame for making people feel depressed. If they continue with their short sighted and ridiculous policies then sadly mental illness will continue to rise and become a major health problem not only on the island but throughout the UK. Suicide rates will also increase.

  5. adrian nicholas's comment is rated +2 Vote +1 Vote -1

    11.Mar.2011 2:42pm

    the whole political strategy of the cuts is to move the blame and focus from national coalition to local govt. & correspondingly parishes.
    one has to remember too – that the public cost and local lep incentive in tax will benefit the same corresponding pockets nationally.
    Sadly, frontloading means that thw whole practical framework of private corporate entryism will be bourne by long term increased public costs and the process expensive and time consumin, and would involve presumed contractual compensation to the same companies profiting from the process- not to mention that the corporate sponsored proxy private community consortiums bidding for GP & LEP market selective entryism will be paid for by social enterprise financial incentives and sadly probably staffed(some alreadt are in Hants.)by redundant and soon-to be redundant staff- with effect of politically masking true overall public cost and massaging by process the first parliamentary term second & thrird year unemployment statistics nationally.

  6. playingthenumbers's comment is rated +10 Vote +1 Vote -1

    11.Mar.2011 4:23pm

    Good point well made Loopy. It is just a shame that the IWCP did not report the level of antidepressants at the end of February when the ‘independent’ think tank, The Centre for Social Justice (CSJ) published their report – ‘Mental Health: Poverty, Ethnicity and Family Breakdown’. It may have helped the councillors when they considered swinging their axes!

    The UK’s mental health bill is over £100 billion per year, or 2/3rd of the structural deficit.

    The CSJ report claims that people living in deprived neighbourhoods are more likely to experience many of the risk factors that have been identified for poor mental health. Putting it another way, the ‘pathways to poverty’ that the CSJ has identified, and are the focus of their work, also contribute to the development or sustainment of poor mental health:

    Worklessness, the lack of opportunities that benefit-dependency affords and the propensity to get into debt
    Poor educational attainment
    Family breakdown which leads to social isolation and
    Addiction to drugs and alcohol.

    Extract “Just as the causes of poverty are also its effects, so too the underlying contributory reasons for people suffering poor mental health are also reproduced in their lives. They often find it very hard to hold down a job, get a good education and sustain healthy and positive relationships. Many people with mental health problems self-medicate with drugs and alcohol”.

    However, when one considers the NHS’s report on Island health deprivation, it starts to get serious as this extract illustrates: “The health of people living on the Isle of Wight is mixed compared to the England average. Life expectancy and the early death rate from heart disease and stroke are better than the England average. However, the rate of claims for incapacity benefit due to mental health problems and some aspects of child health are worse”.

    So what were the councillors thinking when they passed their budget? Over 30% of the working population are workless – not withstanding those working part time (35%) who want a full time job. Education results are notoriously bad and drugs and alcohol abuse are BIG problems.

    It would have made more sense, living in the real world, that rather than cut away services, which only serves to hobble the prospect of growth, and fuel for or already small economy, the administration should have looked to redirect whatever funds were available. Surely the upgrade at County Hall could have waited until more benign economic conditions.

    It strikes me that if the 1st function of government is to protect its people – the local one has failed!

  7. John's comment is rated +3 Vote +1 Vote -1

    11.Mar.2011 4:42pm

    Also of course,if the doctor diagnoses clinical depression and/or panic disorder(which often go together)the first thing is to put the patient on an anti-depressant/tranquiliser. Then if you want any other non medical treatment,there is a 6 month waiting list, or so,unless you are suicidal or have had a complete mental breakdown!The doctor does not have much choice and to alleviate the symptoms is the main thing,but not a cure for the cause of the illness in the first place.

  8. Asite 2c's comment is rated +4 Vote +1 Vote -1

    11.Mar.2011 5:36pm

    These councillors pushing people into depression should hold their heads in shame as they’re an absolute disgrace. If they were harming people physically they would have been arrested and charged with either GBH or ABH although they can get away with harming people mentally.

    Causing mental harm is just as serious as causing physical harm and should also be made a crime. Benyon, Pugh and the rest of this sorry lot should all be charged and put in the dock.

  9. playingthenumbers's comment is rated +8 Vote +1 Vote -1

    11.Mar.2011 6:33pm

    Whilst I was on the CSJ website, I thought id go through so of their report back catalogue. The Response of the Centre for Social Justice to Child Poverty and Improving Life Chances – Consulting on a New Approach [18/02/2011] is just such an interesting report. What do they say?

    1)Early intervention is essential for long term systemic change,

    2)Targeting the 5 pathways to poverty is essential: family breakdown, educational failure, worklessness, serious personal debt and addiction to drugs and alcohol

    I’m going on about the ‘independent’ CSJ think tank because many of their reports were commissioned by former CSJ Chairman the Rt Hon Iain Duncan Smith MP, and the CSJ themselves state that they have heavily influenced the coalition Government’s reform agenda.

    So hello, planet earth calling council – 44% of Island children live in workless or low income households. Sacking 1000s (both directly & by policy indirectly) will exacerbate the situation. Only 17% on low income Islander kids go on to higher education.

    You can do whatever you like in you own lives, but how about accepting that with your power comes responsibility? Applying a wrecking bar to people’s lives before they have even started will not improve the culture & ‘low expectation of dependency’. (Apologies for this dreadful phrase, I took it from the conservative home website).

    Posterity will not regard this council fondly.

    • Lido's comment is rated +6 Vote +1 Vote -1

      11.Mar.2011 6:51pm

      Whilst agreeing with you that youngsters on the Island have small hope for their futures. Nonetheless it’s better than the future of the coalition, IW council, and parish councils. – Infamy! and a long time in opposition to reflect on the disaster that they have brought on to everybody.

      • someone else's comment is rated +4 Vote +1 Vote -1

        12.Mar.2011 12:12am

        Parish councils??? Those that have increased thier precepts have done so because they were forced into it or face the loss of their services. It would be interesting to see how the IWC would of reacted if the parish / town councils had all said no, like newport to name one, after that decision the toilet that was under threat in Newport was suddenly taken on again by IWC, Yes they are losing the TIS but that seems to of been a done deal across the island anyway. I wouldn’t associate most Parish councils in your statement because most councillors at that level are just the same as you, they do it free of charge for the sake of the town or village they live in.

  10. Debby Robinson's comment is rated +3 Vote +1 Vote -1

    12.Mar.2011 12:22pm

    ‘Ventnor precept has dropped slightly to £135,000, despite attempts to significantly lower the price – with the closure of Winter Gardens and stalling plans for a 20mph speed limit through the town centre’.
    Just wanted to clarify that the stalling of 20 MPH plans was down to IOWC and not VTC.


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