Sports centre plans woodchip biomass boiler to beat rising fuel costs

Public consultation brings your chance to hear more about plans for a woodchip biomass boiler at West Wight Sports Centre


West Wight Sports Centre are inviting members of the public to take part in a public meeting to find out more about their proposal for a woodchip biomass boiler. Ed

A public consultation is being held to discuss the proposal to install a woodchip biomass boiler at the West Wight Sports Centre.

The annually increasing gas prices have made it essential to stabilise the significant annual cost of energy to heat the West Wight Sports Centre.

It is proposed to reduce the gas consumption at the West Wight Sports Centre by installing a 195kw woodchip biomass boiler. Providing both heat and hot water this will reduce the use of the existing gas boilers to brief periods of peak demand.

The supply of locally produced woodchip will provide stability to the on going cost of fuel. The cost per unit of energy will be reduced by a minimum of 30% when compared to gas.

Island Renewables will procure, install and fuel the following infrastructure:-

  • 195kw biomass boiler
  • Pipework
  • Accumulators
  • Boiler room and fuel store
  • Woodchip

The project has a 20 year duration after which a new boiler can be installed or the site returned to its previous condition.

The boiler will be located within a wooden clad building at the west of the sports centre. The boiler operates quietly. This combined with the walls of the boiler room, and the location ensures that sound from the boiler will not pose community annoyance.

Around 120t of woodchip will be required per annum. This will be delivered in 8 tonne lots.

The deliveries will take around 30 minutes and will occur between 8am and 6pm. Ash will be removed from the boiler when deliveries occur.

The boiler has been tested to ISO 17025 standards and complies with the emission limits set by the Government.

The boilers automated combustion and control mechanism maximises efficiency and minimises emissions. The flue will be 600mm above the boiler house.

The consultation takes place on Friday 12th October between 4pm to 6pm at West Wight Sports Centre.

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Thursday, 4th October, 2012 5:45pm



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  1. Neville Radford (Hamworthy Heating - Biomass)'s comment is rated +1 Vote +1 Vote -1

    5.Oct.2012 12:00am

    Great to see Biomass going ahead on the Isle of Wight, Biomass on the mainland UK has seen a terrific increase over the passed five years and with a great product and a quality installation it can be a hassle free and rewarding experience, knowing you have future proofed your heating system.

    • No.5's comment is rated -3 Vote +1 Vote -1

      5.Oct.2012 2:01am

      and you just happen to be a biomass engineer….hmmmm

      Doesn’t work on an island where you have to ship in your supply…not green, not sustainable…not anything really…

      • hermit's comment is rated +5 Vote +1 Vote -1

        5.Oct.2012 9:10am

        I think it’s the small ones like this that are sustainable. Obviously there is a limit to how many the Island can have, but I can’t see any problems here. I help on my cousins farm and we have many many tonnes of wood we clear each year from the woods on the farm. 120 tonnes a year is manageable. I just cut up a fallen oak that was about 5 or 6 tonnes on it’s own, 20 trees a year of similar size would be easily managed.

      • Rowan's comment is rated +2 Vote +1 Vote -1

        9.Oct.2012 9:48am

        No. 5, you’re letting yourself down you usually read things carefully!
        The article says the fuel will be ‘locally produced woodchip’, so this isn’t about shipping anything in.

  2. happy daze's comment not rated yet. Add your vote Vote +1 Vote -1

    5.Oct.2012 9:19am

    Yes it’s a great opportunity to sell wood but unfortunately the evidence is strongly against this type of Biomass which peversely attracts massive Government grants.

    Just have a look at the current objections against the proposed Biomass heating system for the IW Grain Store;-

    • JamesP's comment is rated -2 Vote +1 Vote -1

      8.Oct.2012 1:13pm

      And the more wood chip is used for heating, the less is available for the construction industry. Expect a sharp rise in the cost of chip and wafer boards and related products, such as kitchens and flat-pack furniture.

      As No.5 says, it’s not even very green and like wind and solar, is only cheap because it’s subsidised through everyone else’s heating bills!

  3. Rowan's comment is rated +3 Vote +1 Vote -1

    9.Oct.2012 9:56am

    This isn’t a simplistic ‘biomass = good’ or ‘biomass = bad’ thing.

    Whether biomass is ‘green’ or not depends on whether it comes from local and sustainably managed land.

    It’s not clear from the article whether the woodchip would come from sustainably managed land, but it does say it would be local. Certainly I’m all for using our woods for timber and fuel, as long as we manage the woods sustainably, and we only transport it as short a distance as possible.

    What isn’t sustainable is getting biomass fuel from crops grown on land that would otherwise have grown food, and then transporting it over long distances.

    It’s worth remembering that our woods have usually survived because for most of their existence they were used by people for both timber and firewood. See the excellent books on woodland history and ecology by Oliver Rackham.

  4. hermit's comment is rated +3 Vote +1 Vote -1

    10.Oct.2012 7:34pm

    I don’t think is subsidised, and unfortunately I can’t get to the consultation evening to support it. I think it’s coming out of the sport centre’s own budget. So, if they are using their own money, with already sourced local wood, what’s the problem? As a charity they are needing to find ways to use their money wisely, they have lost Council subsidies in last years cuts, so good on them for trying to be sustainable in a part of the Island the IW Council has forgotten about.

  5. Ade's comment not rated yet. Add your vote Vote +1 Vote -1

    23.Oct.2012 8:05am

    We have been approached by Carton Consultants to puascrhe our Club Class membership. First contact advised us we were likely to receive up to a39000 with no fee to us we obviously expressed an interest as we only learnt last year that we were still members of Club Class (advised by Club Class themselves) where we thought we had only bought into a 3 year membership. Second contact from Carlton Consultants was to advise they had a buyer for our membership and could we send them a31400 fee which was returnable on completion of the transfer of ownership. When my husband enquired if this could be deducted from the puascrhe fee he was advised this was their guarantee in case we decided to pull out of the deal and was fully refundable on completion. Obviously with all the scams that you hear about these days we will not be sending this money and have advised the lady who called we are quite happy for them to take their fee from the proceeds of sale. Watch this space to see if we hear any more!!!


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