Unprecedented demand leads to cry for help

The last six weeks have seen the highest demand to date for Isle of Wight Foodbank.

Discussing donations:

Isle of Wight Foodbank are appealing to Islanders for food donations.

They say that their stocks are very low at the moment as the last six weeks have seen the biggest demand yet.

Non-perishable food can be donated at their Cowes warehouse this Wednesday, Friday and Saturday mornings.

They specifically require pasta sauce, long life milk and tinned vegetables.

Other ways to help
There are other ways you can help. Foodbank will be holding a sale of clothes sale on Saturday.

It’s a great chance to pick up pre-loved clothes from £1 each as well as brand new school uniform, dressing up clothes, Summer fashion (we’re sure it will arrive eventually) and men’s clothes.

They also have furniture from £5 an item.

See the IW Foodbank Website for more detail of how you can help.

Image: © IW Foodbank

Monday, 20th May, 2013 4:47pm


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  1. Bystander's comment is rated +14 Vote +1 Vote -1

    20.May.2013 6:07pm

    How long before this evil government outlaws such appeals as begging?
    Fair play to the foodbank for the service they are providing, but that they are filling the gap intentionally created by a band of millionaires, with naked contempt for the poor and vulnerable, is a national disgrace.

  2. Hermit's comment is rated +4 Vote +1 Vote -1

    21.May.2013 7:14am

    And yet David Cameron sees Foodbanks as a success of the Big Society! Completely out of touch!

    • JIm Edwards's comment not rated yet. Add your vote Vote +1 Vote -1

      21.May.2013 11:18am

      ‘They specifically require pasta sauce, long life milk and tinned vegetables.’

      Why? Is this someone’s idea of a balanced diet for the poor?

      • Mike's comment is rated +2 Vote +1 Vote -1

        21.May.2013 11:45am

        No its not a balanced diet as such but they are part of the food provided becuse they are long lasting and non perishable. ALL non perishable foodstuffs are needed these were just the ones Foodbank are short of at the moment

        • Mike's comment not rated yet. Add your vote Vote +1 Vote -1

          21.May.2013 12:05pm

          This is not an ego thing but I wrote a compilation of my short stories especially to raise funds for Foodbank Thry cost £2.50 (postage free) and ALL the proceeds to go the Island Foodbank.
          Please email jackson201146@yahoo.co.uk if you would like a copy.

  3. matt.h's comment is rated +3 Vote +1 Vote -1

    21.May.2013 8:40am

    Foodbanks are all well and good, but what we really need is houses of work. That should fit well with David Cameron’s view of societies needs. It could be called ‘The Workhouse’, a place to provide work and shelter for the less fortunate, just like in the good old days when there were no social services.


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