Interesting statistics revealed at Health Scrutiny Panel

Some fascinating statistics were revealed at last night’s Health and Community Wellbeing Scrutiny Panel.

County Hall:

Members of the Health and Community Wellbeing Scrutiny Panel heard update reports from representatives of the Health & Wellbeing Board, the Clinical Commissioning Group and the IW NHS Trust.

In addition the Domestic Abuse Annual Report was presented by Cllr Phil Jordan, with further information provided by partner agencies and council officers.

NHS Blood and Transplant Service
As no representatives were present from the NHS Blood and Transplant Service, this item was not discussed in detail, but will be revisited in February 2014, when it is hoped representatives will attend the meeting.

If you missed out tweets last night, see our round-up of live tweets from County Hall below.

Further reports to follow.

Image: Simon Haytack under CC BY 2.0

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Thursday, 7th November, 2013 7:43am



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  1. Michael G's comment not rated yet. Add your vote Vote +1 Vote -1

    7.Nov.2013 9:43pm

    Very interesting figures. Keen to hear the further reports.

  2. Missy T's comment not rated yet. Add your vote Vote +1 Vote -1

    7.Nov.2013 11:03pm

    The numbers on domestic abuse are truly shocking. And what’s with the stalking? Bizarre!

  3. greenfiremouse's comment is rated +1 Vote +1 Vote -1

    7.Nov.2013 11:55pm

    Domestic violence has always been quite an issue on the Island, often swept under the carpet, just like some cases of sexual abuse of children. At least now the apparent figures see the light of day.
    Unfortunately, I can never read the embedded tweets at work because Twitter is blocked by my employer.


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