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The Isle of Wight is host to a wide variety of businesses and we love to celebrate their success. As well as farming and agriculture, tourism and manufacturing, the Isle of Wight is fast becoming home to new technologies and online businesses. If you have some business news to share, get in touch.

Here’s what we know about Wightlink’s new owner: Balfour Beatty Infrastructure Partners

Who are Balfour Beatty Infrastructure Partners LLP?

Who owns the ferry companies is of great interest to all on the Island. Here's what we've been able to find out about Balfour Beatty Infrastructure Partners LLP so far.

Monday, 16th February, 2015 12:29pm

By Simon Perry with 34 readers' comments

Wightlink sale Poll: Is the sale of Wightlink a good thing?

Wightlink poll:

Following the shock news - here's a quick reaction poll where you can say if you think this is a good or a bad thing.

Monday, 16th February, 2015 10:49am

By Simon Perry with 16 readers' comments

Shock: Wightlink sells to Balfour Beatty Infrastructure Partners LLP – Live coverage

Wightlink ferry - sold:

Wightlink, the Isle of Wight ferry company, has just been sold.

Monday, 16th February, 2015 10:01am

By Sally Perry with 48 readers' comments

Your great ideas to improve the Isle of Wight: Tourism and Economy

Open for business

Following on from last week's start to the series of your great ideas to improve the Isle of Wight, up next are the entries that fall under Tourism and the Economy. Find out what readers think needs to change.

Sunday, 15th February, 2015 11:17am

By Sally Perry with 36 readers' comments

Wonderful video footage of the Isle of Wight from 1969

Ventnor's national hospital:

If you didn't see this footage the first time it was screened (back in 1969) there's another chance now through BBC's iPlayer. The whole programme is worth watching but you can jump to 8.43 minutes in to see the Isle of Wight.

Friday, 13th February, 2015 5:23pm

By Sally Perry with one comment

Gurit update on job losses

Gurit - Rudolph Hadorm - Dave Polson and HR Head

After refusing to comment yesterday, Gurit have today released details of job losses at the Newport-based firm bringing another blow for Isle of Wight staff.

Thursday, 12th February, 2015 8:05am

By Sally Perry with 18 readers' comments

Gurit refuse to officially comment on job losses

Gurit - Building:

The company refuse point blank to confirm whether there have been up to 100 job losses this morning on the Isle of Wight.

Wednesday, 11th February, 2015 9:09am

By Sally Perry with 13 readers' comments

First class mail effectively abolished through Royal Mail changes says Labour candidate

Postbox :

Labour party candidate Stewart Blackmore says Isle of Wight MP, Andrew Turner, should have thought about the likely effect on the changes of the postal service when he voted for the privatisation of Royal Mail.

Tuesday, 10th February, 2015 9:13am

By Stewart Blackmore with 12 readers' comments

Shortcomings of highways PFI deal could cost the council multi-millions: Here’s why

Oh Dear - lady with purse:

Cllr Phil Jordan was recently put in charge of overseeing the Island Roads' PFI contract. He's now got an understanding of the failures of the original contract the last Conservative administration locked Island tax-payers into for 25 years. The shortcomings are shocking and deeply worrying.

Monday, 9th February, 2015 1:10pm

By Simon Perry with 57 readers' comments

Hover to Sandown from Southsea: Read the official facts

Hovercraft arriving at Sandown -

Here are the facts about the Southsea / Sandown Hover service that the Sandown Business Association have been proactive in arranging to bring visitors to their town.

Friday, 6th February, 2015 11:54am

By Simon Perry with 25 readers' comments

Don’t miss your chance to claim for flood grant

Cowes High St Flood:

The Isle of Wight Council is reminding last winter’s flood victims to apply for grant funding secured by the council from the government in order to help those most affected the floods of last winter.

Thursday, 5th February, 2015 10:10am

By IW Council Press Office

Management company brought in to oversee highways PFI and examine contract


The Isle of Wight Council has appointed an organisation to assist with the management of the Highways PFI contract on a short term basis until key vacancies are filled within the team that oversees the Island Roads contract.

Thursday, 5th February, 2015 9:18am

By IW Council Press Office with 34 readers' comments