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Amazingly, big guns from the council heading to Undercliff Drive on Sunday

Undercliff Drive - Volunteer road rebuild - wide shot - 23 Oct 14

The plight of the marooned Undecliff residents has resulted in an outpouring of support from Islanders. What OnTheWight is hearing from the top bods at the council sounds like there might be a chance for this to be resolved sensibly, following the re-closing of the volunteer-rebuilt road.

Saturday, 25th October, 2014 8:23pm

By Simon Perry with 24 readers' comments

Page set up on Facebook to show support for Undercliff Drive residents

Looking west on Undercliff Drive - Island Roads staff

A family member of those trapped on the Undercliff without any vehicle access to their homes has set up a page on the social networking site, hoping it will draw attention to their plight.

Saturday, 25th October, 2014 11:47am

By Sally Perry with 7 readers' comments

Barriers put in place to block residents from using road they just re-built

Water filled barriers being added in Undercliff Drive

Island Roads and the council have managed to mobilise numerous staff and equipment - all in 24 hours - so they can block residents' access to the road they've rebuilt. In eight months zero road building work has been carried out to provide those residents access to their landlocked homes.

Friday, 24th October, 2014 7:11pm

By Sally Perry with 35 readers' comments

Revealed: The letter where Island Roads threaten to block access to volunteer-rebuilt road on Undercliff Drive

Welcome to St Lawrence - Undercliff Drive rebuilt road

Island Roads are threatening to close the road rebuilt by Islanders last weekend, claiming it's for the security of the residents (without even asking them), but denying them access to things like heating oil and fuel for the winter.

Friday, 24th October, 2014 1:16pm

By Sally Perry with 99 readers' comments

Islanders show massive support for Undercliff residents

Undercliff Drive new road:

There was an outpouring of support from Islanders last night on Facebook, after news that 'people power' has resulted in residents in Undercliff Drive landlocked properties having access their homes by car again.

Friday, 24th October, 2014 11:39am

By Sally Perry with 6 readers' comments

People Power strikes! Two fingers to the council as Islanders build their own new road on Undercliff Drive

Undercliff Drive - Road not closed to residents sign

Residents of Undercliff Road are sick of Isle of Wight council and Island Roads having done nothing solid over the last eight months to re-provide vehicle access to their homes. Knowing this, a group of Islanders have got together and built a road themselves, as a big 'Up Yours!'

Thursday, 23rd October, 2014 6:24pm

By Sally Perry with 29 readers' comments

Councillors dispute decision to join EU funded ‘Smilegov’ Project

Unhappy face

The proposal was originally criticised by councillors at the Scrutiny Committee meeting held earlier this month and and labeled "nothing more than a talking shop".

Thursday, 23rd October, 2014 11:19am

By Sally Perry with 22 readers' comments

Another scam rears its ugly head

Close up of telephone pad:

If you receive a call asking to place an advert in a booklet for schools, watch out. It's a scam says Trading Standards.

Thursday, 23rd October, 2014 9:50am

By IW Council Press Office with one comment

Pupils denied free school transport if they choose not to attend the Island Free School

Piles of coins:

It was pointed out that parents may choose on principle or due to the specialist nature of the Free School to not send their children to the school. If they do, they'll be denied free school transport to other Isle of Wight schools if DfE guidelines are followed.

Wednesday, 22nd October, 2014 12:36pm

By Sally Perry with 16 readers' comments

Fire service advise residents to check their smoke alarms

Smoke alarm

On Sunday 26 October, the clocks go back one hour and the Isle of Wight Fire and Rescue Service is asking all homeowners to remember to take just a few minutes to check your smoke alarms while changing their clocks.

Tuesday, 21st October, 2014 12:36pm

By IW Council Press Office

Anti-Bullying Conference for Young People taking place for first time this week

Anti-bullying messages:

A major event focussing on anti-bullying is being held in Newport this week, bringing together a number of schools and agencies.

Tuesday, 21st October, 2014 11:02am

By Sally Perry

Don’t forget to get secondary school admission forms posted


The deadline for parents and guardians to submit an on-time application for children starting secondary school in September 2015 is fast approaching.

Tuesday, 21st October, 2014 10:45am

By IW Council Press Office with 6 readers' comments