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Cllr Charles Chapman’s resignation: The actual emails and timings


There's been a lot of speculation as to what has and hasn't happened over Cllr Charles Chapman's resignation from the Island Independents. OnTheWight has brought together all of the actual emails and has discovered Cllr Chapman's view on joining the Conservatives.

Sunday, 21st September, 2014 3:27pm

By Sally Perry with 10 readers' comments

Another Island Independent leaves the Group (updated)

Smiley faces :

The news doesn't bode well for the Group of Island Independent councillors who are now done to just 16 members.

Friday, 19th September, 2014 10:42pm

By Sally Perry with 116 readers' comments

Park of the Year Award for Ventnor Park

Ventnor Park -

Historic Ventnor Park on the Isle of Wight has been awarded the Park of the Year Award at the South and South East England in Bloom Awards.

Friday, 19th September, 2014 11:56am

By IW Council Press Office with 4 readers' comments

Work won’t start on Undercliff Drive before the rainy season begins

Undercliff Drive mudslide Feb 2014

The council tell OnTheWight that it could be November before options to give any access to Undercliff Drive are even discussed. Concerns are that when it starts to rain, will currently exposed porous land/surfaces be left open to drink up the rain and then trigger further landslips - exposing the council to further costs?

Thursday, 18th September, 2014 1:23pm

By Sally Perry with 11 readers' comments

IW Council Leader becomes Chair of an LGA board: Receives challenge by opposition councillor

Sunday Politics Show - Ian Stephens

News of the council leader's new role on a national stage was announced at last night's full council meeting.

Thursday, 18th September, 2014 8:58am

By Sally Perry with 96 readers' comments

David Pugh gets involved in Priest/Gilbey/ overthrow rumour affair with questions

David Pugh

David Pugh (who lost his seat to Cllr Richard Priest at the 2013 local elections) has posed a number of questions to the Leader for tonight's council meeting. Here's the full text and his email to council members.

Wednesday, 17th September, 2014 12:36pm

By David Pugh with 37 readers' comments

Hundreds of residents oppose major housing development

Upper Lane Brighstone:

Residents of the picturesque village of Brighstone have written to the Council in significant numbers to voice their objections to a major development aimed at the heart of the village.

Tuesday, 16th September, 2014 6:09pm

By Cllr Bob Seely with 4 readers' comments

Don’t miss your chance to grab share of £80,000 grant funding

Don’t miss your chance to grab share of £80,000 grant funding

The money is coming from the 'Isle of Wight Foundation', funded by the partners of Island Roads.

Tuesday, 16th September, 2014 5:49pm

By Sally Perry

Public demo planned against floating bridge proposal

Floating Bridge

If you'd like to show your support for the demo against introducing foot passenger fares, just turn up and take part.

Tuesday, 16th September, 2014 4:52pm

By Sally Perry with 11 readers' comments

Council approve revised housing policy to give Islanders priority

Man outside mini paper house by jdhancock

The Isle of Wight Council’s Executive has approved a revised social housing allocation policy for the Island which gives local people greater priority for affordable social housing.

Tuesday, 16th September, 2014 10:44am

By IW Council Press Office

How many times should you have to ask a question to get a straight answer? We tried 16 times with Cllr Priest

Questioning at Burning Man by fabola

During a ten minute conversation with Cllr Richard Priest last week, we put a simple question forward, but had to end up asking it sixteen times, as we couldn't get a straight answer.

Monday, 15th September, 2014 7:50pm

By Simon Perry with 40 readers' comments

U-turn by council Executive on Dogs on Leads Order

Dog and owner on beach

Last month the Executive voted against a recommendation to refuse a change to the Dogs on Leads Order. Last week they reversed that decision.

Monday, 15th September, 2014 10:52am

By Sally Perry with 11 readers' comments