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Letter: Pensioners’ bus pass under threat. Act now!

Storm trooper at bus stop

Peter Geach calls on fellow Islanders to support the ‘Love the bus pass campaign’ and show politicians how important the Pensioners' bus pass is.

Friday, 18th July, 2014 1:24pm

By Peter Geach with 46 readers' comments

Letter: House flooding fears after Island Roads’ re-surfacing

Hyde Road -

Although residents are pleased to have a shiny new road, there are fears the lack of drop kerb since resurfacing could result in flooding to their gardens and properties.

Thursday, 17th July, 2014 9:16am

By David Moorse with one comment

Letter: The disparity between the two types of Public Servants

Photo Opp Parliament Banksy:

This reader compares the lives of public sector workers and the 650 Members of Parliament who will receive an 11% pay rise next year.

Friday, 11th July, 2014 2:58pm

By Peter Hutchings with 39 readers' comments

Letter: Confused at Islanders’ jubilation over ASDA decision

Asda palm tree:

This reader believes the anticipated (by some) arrival of ASDA in Newport "is not good for the Island - not good for jobs, not good for choice and not good for our souls."

Friday, 4th July, 2014 1:16pm

By Vix Lowthion with 78 readers' comments

Letter: A change to this barbaric law could have allowed my brother a dignified death

Nigel Goodman and his mother

Steve Goodman shares this heart-wrenching personal story and calls on readers to help spread the word of an update to the law for assisted suicide.

Thursday, 3rd July, 2014 4:36pm

By Steven Goodman with 16 readers' comments

Letter: In its roundabout way, what does the fox really say?

Edited photo of God Loves You

Many might view the 'God loves you ....' signs on Coppins Bridge as a bit of harmless fun, but one OnTheWight reader feels very differently about it.

Thursday, 26th June, 2014 12:43pm

By Nigel Walsh with 69 readers' comments

Letter: Don’t let Japanese Knotweed thrive untouched

Japanese Knotweed :

This highly invasive plant which can cause structural damage and smother all competing species has been spotted down at Monks Bay, Bonchurch.

Wednesday, 25th June, 2014 4:11pm

By Gordon Payne with 17 readers' comments

Letter: Is austerity working or are we being hoodwinked?

Stop pavement notice;

This OnTheWight reader questions whether the austerity programme in place by the coalition Government is really working.

Friday, 20th June, 2014 10:51am

By Anonymous with 57 readers' comments

Letter: Is Adgestone Lynch the son of the Undercliff?

Lower Road, Adgestone

Residents in Adgestone are confused as to why Lower Road - which they say is an important local link - has been closed by Island Roads since 7th June and work has still not started.

Wednesday, 18th June, 2014 10:48am

By Anonymous with 2 readers' comments

Letter: Children’s plea to dog owners after ducklings killed by German Shepherd

Ducklings at Ventnor Park - June 2014 - 640px

The heartfelt plea reads, "Please keep your dog on a lead because two ducklings got killed by a dog on Wednesday 4th June 2014. Signed William and Esme"

Friday, 13th June, 2014 12:21pm

By Maggie Nelmes with 2 readers' comments

Letter: Pensioner caught in drop kerb ping-pong between the council and Island Roads

Ping and Pong

It appears that neither Island Roads, nor the Isle of Wight council, have any motivation in helping this Newport pensioner get out and about on his mobility scooter.

Thursday, 12th June, 2014 7:43am

By Don Smith with 26 readers' comments

Letter: Short sighted strategies to increase revenue often fail

Empty Car Park :

This reader believes that by increasing hours for which parking fees must be paid and implementing charges where previously there were none, there will be a significant cost to the health of Islanders.

Friday, 30th May, 2014 11:40am

By Lynn Lansbury with 2 readers' comments