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On The Wight is run on journalistic principles of honesty, transparency and balance. Every so often, there will be a subject or issue that the editors or contributors wish to share that reflects their personal opinion.

These articles will be clearly marked as such. We believe their inclusion adds to the diversity of content available to readers.

Jonathan Dodd: Unwashed but not unloved

Crushed car

Jonathan returns with his Sunday column and manages to reel off a list of every car he's owned with wonderful detail of what was 'special' about each one.

Sunday, 16th November, 2014 11:38am

By Jonathan Dodd with one comment

Jonathan Dodd: The Truth

Drawing: The Truth

All around the world there are people who believe they know 'The Truth' and their version is the only version. Sometimes it takes the innocence of a child to remind us what 'The Truth' really is all about.

Sunday, 9th November, 2014 11:49am

By Jonathan Dodd with 3 readers' comments

Jonathan Dodd: Old Software

DAB Radio

Jonathan returns with his Sunday column and this week explores memory and the mind, raising some very interesting observations.

Sunday, 2nd November, 2014 10:55am

By Jonathan Dodd with one comment

Jonathan Dodd: Gypsum Days

baby powder:

It's strange how the most unexpected of things can take you back decades. A scattering of talcum powder did just this for Jonathan earlier in the week.

Sunday, 26th October, 2014 1:20pm

By Jonathan Dodd with one comment

Jonathan Dodd: Inspiration and perspiration

Writing paper and pen:

We have great admiration for Jonathan Dodd, who manages - week after week - to produce such interesting and engaging columns. Knowing how much he frets over them makes his words even more precious and something we're very grateful for.

Sunday, 19th October, 2014 11:31am

By Jonathan Dodd with 3 readers' comments

Jonathan Dodd: Interesting times

3 wise monkeys :

Does the purpose of our existence lie somewhere it the area of self-awareness. Read on to see whether you agree with Jonathan in his weekly column.

Sunday, 12th October, 2014 12:52pm

By Jonathan Dodd

Jonathan Dodd: The Emperor’s new musical tie

This week Jonathan explores the need for clothes, the way we design them, wear them, produce them and dispose of them.

Sunday, 5th October, 2014 12:21pm

By Jonathan Dodd

Jonathan Dodd: Telling Stories

John Bright Grammar School :

Every week, without fail, Jonathan Dodd finds something to write about to share with readers. No matter what the subject, it's always a great read.

Sunday, 28th September, 2014 11:20am

By Jonathan Dodd with 2 readers' comments

Jonathan Dodd: Sky Falling

Panic Button

Once again another great piece of writing from Jonathan, designed to get our brains thinking on a Sunday morning.

Sunday, 21st September, 2014 10:11am

By Jonathan Dodd with one comment

Cassandra Gardiner: Farewell


As we mentioned last week, this is Cassandra's final column. OnTheWight is pleased to have been able to share Cassandra's work with readers and wish her the very best in her future studies with the University of Groningen. We have something else coming next week which we think you're going to love.

Saturday, 20th September, 2014 11:48am

By Cassandra Gardiner with 3 readers' comments

Jonathan Dodd: More Pavlova than Pavlov?

Dogs in forest:

What happens with a cat lover is asked to dog sit. Jonathan's Sunday column might have the answer.

Sunday, 14th September, 2014 11:47am

By Jonathan Dodd with 5 readers' comments

Cassandra Gardiner: Crossing mind’s ocean

Minds eye

Sadly, this is the penultimate regular piece from Cassandra as she has been accepted on course with the University of Groningen and all her spare time will be taken up with studying. Her first module is looking at 'Complexity Theory in an uncertain world'.

Saturday, 13th September, 2014 11:52am

By Cassandra Gardiner with 2 readers' comments