Andrew Turner supports English votes for English laws

Andrew Turner on bench - Ferry debate - Westminster - 13 October 2014

The Conservative Isle of Wight MP says "Englishmen – and English ladies – have waited and waited and waited. There comes a point where they are prepared to wait no more!"

Thursday, 18th December, 2014 10:24am

By Andrew Turner's Office with 30 readers' comments

David Pugh: ‘Overheard discussing sensitive party matters’ on packed train claims report

Political Scrapbook - David Pugh Trailer -:

A general rule in life is, if you don't want others to know, don't discuss it in public. Certainly don't do it loudly on a busy train heading back to where you live.

Thursday, 18th December, 2014 10:02am

By Sally Perry with 29 readers' comments

Island councillor named as UKIP candidate for Suffolk Coastal seat

Island councillor named as UKIP candidate for Suffolk Coastal seat

The Isle of Wight county councillor says his first priority if elected to the Suffolk Coastal seat would be to be a 'local MP'.

Friday, 12th December, 2014 10:02am

By Sally Perry with 22 readers' comments

Liberal Democrats announce their parliamentary spokesperson

David Goodall

David will be standing down from his mainland council roles in May, so that he can concentrate on the Island.

Wednesday, 10th December, 2014 1:57pm

By David Goodall with 16 readers' comments

Andrew Turner and Carole Dennett split

Carole Dennett and Andrew Turner

Looks like the anonymous tip-off OnTheWight received from a Burner email yesterday called it right. Andrew Turner's 'right-hand man' claims she'll take a low-key role within the MP's office from now on.

Tuesday, 9th December, 2014 2:17pm

By Sally Perry with 166 readers' comments

Broken promises from Conservatives says Labour parliamentary candidate

George Osborne

Stewart Blackmore, the Labour Party parliamentary candidate for the Isle of Wight responds to the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement.

Thursday, 4th December, 2014 3:36pm

By Stewart Blackmore with 5 readers' comments

If petition ‘caught fire’, Andrew Turner would be honour bound to resign says UKIP leader

Nigel Farage UKIP Europe and You video

Nigel Farage talks about the 'large personal financial advantage' of Isle of Wight Conservative MP Andrew Turner switching first and second homes for the purpose of his Parliamentary expenses and whether Islanders would raise a petition calling for a By-election.

Thursday, 27th November, 2014 2:10pm

By Sally Perry with 21 readers' comments

Andrew Turner: ‘I have been a Eurosceptic all my adult life’

Andrew Turner on bench - Ferry debate - Westminster - 13 October 2014

At long last Andrew Turner has answered the question posed by OnTheWight on if he is planning to switch to UKIP, after analysis of his voting record suggested he might.

Thursday, 27th November, 2014 12:57pm

By Sally Perry with 12 readers' comments

Fellow IW Tory seeks to disassemble case made against MP’s expenses

Man getting skewered with a fork

It doesn't hold back in its criticism of the report's authors labelling it "full of innuendo, inconsistencies, irrelevancies, and deception."

Tuesday, 25th November, 2014 9:21pm

By Simon Perry with 18 readers' comments

MP and local Conservatives continue to battle it out over his £100k+ expenses claims

Paper money :

Previously unseen seven page document from within the Isle of Wight Conservative Association continues detailed criticism of MP Andrew Turner over his expenses. Carole Dennett's role questioned.

Tuesday, 25th November, 2014 6:42pm

By Sally Perry with 15 readers' comments

Nigel Farage pushes Andrew Turner to By-election over expenses

Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage is saying that Andrew Turner should call a by-election, if enough Islanders don't think Andrew's £100k+ expenses claim was legitimate.

Monday, 24th November, 2014 11:35am

By Simon Perry with 76 readers' comments

Isle of Wight Green Party announce their parliamentary candidate

Vix Lothion Green Party candidate

Vix Lowthion says she believes strongly that a Green Island identity and representation in Parliament will unlock a new future for Islanders.

Friday, 21st November, 2014 1:46pm

By Sally Perry with 36 readers' comments