The 138 responses on parking from the public the council decided weren’t ‘valid objections’

Below is the list of responses Islanders sent to the council about the proposed parking increases that Officers decided weren’t ‘valid objections’.

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On Friday afternoon last week, OnTheWight published the scale of public objection to the Isle of Wight council’s proposed changes to parking.

The council made a decision to only accept 543 of the responses they received as ‘valid objections’.

Below is the list of the responses that members of the public sent in to the council that officers chose to treat as ‘Comments’ and therefore, to their minds, fell outside the ‘valid objections’ category.

Shanklin Extending charges to 8pm.

Effect on evening trade – restaurants, theatre, tourism

Shanklin United Reform Church – will rip heart out of Shanklin community

Why is Sandown High Street one hour free and Regent Street only 30 minutes? (Regent Cards)
The Heights Extending time to 8pm.

Paying for hour’s parking when attending GP surgery

Carry out Health Impact Assessment

IW Marlins extending time will hit their members

IW Heart Care Club on behalf of their members
Medina Campus Why should staff have to pay to park at place of work

Stress for parents who will have to pay

Affect on after-school clubs and parents evenings

Don’t use this revenue to cover costs of Cowes Enterprise College

Only 61 spaces for staff

Added financial burden on governors

Carry out Health Impact Assessment

To charge people working at a school to park during their working day is unacceptable and will not be accepted by anyone in the education sector

Medina College has had a hard time in recent years and is working to improve. How can you possibly justify these charges while the school is trying to work on these improvements?

Seaclose swimming club member – will cost extra £250 pa if I have to pay to park

IW Marlins extending time will hit their members
Newport Extending charges to 8pm

Two hour limit on Quay Street

Tourist permit very complicated – let hotels have paper permits again

Evening charges will turn Newport into ghost town

Counter-productive to remove free Wednesday afternoon parking

Unreasonable to expect people to pay outside their own homes between 6 and 8pm

Will drive existing business away

Extended time will affect Apollo Theatre
Carisbrooke Why aren’t residents entitled to £50 permit like other areas

Village will die and businesses will close

Car park given free to local community due to lack of parking spaces

No on-road parking for residents and workers

Put meters in Union Street (Ryde)

Make first four hours free and allow those who work in the village to park free

Will lead to unauthorised use of Eight Bells and GP surgery car parks and encourage on-street on Spring Lane and Castle Hill.

Brighstone car park is free – this village is similar so make our car park free

It will affect the church congregation, Brownies, WI

Lack of alternative parking places

Why charge worshippers to park on what was once their church land?

Why should Niton have two free car parks and charge for the only one in Carisbrooke. Will turn Castle Street into rat run with people looking for parking spaces

Detailed concerns from Cllr Hobart

Carisbrooke PCC against charges. Land given for community not envisaged that those wishing to attend events/support local business would have to pay for parking.

Carisbrooke WI

Rev Bagg, Vicar of Carisbrooke. Wedding and funeral services regularly last more than an hour. Number of vehicles regularly outstay limited time or park illegally in disabled bays – send CEOs to ticket more often

Could free period be extended to two hours at least on Sundays when people go to church by car

Sunbeam Pre-School. Difficulties for [low paid] staff. Could the three parking spaces between the back of the hall and the ladies topilets be allocated to the church and church hall when these venues are being used. Allow my staff to purchase residents permits for £150
Ryde Extending charges to 8pm will mean I have to pay when going to ice hockey

Keep parking free from 6pm

Waterside Pool trustee : Bring Ryde North Walk and esplanade into line with other areas – not all year round but March to October only. Charges after 6pm will affect their customers. Above inflation rise encourages people to park in nearby residential streets

Many members of the IW Underwater Hockey club objecting to extending time to 8pm

IW junior ice hockey club. Dispensation for club members during training?
Appley and Puckpool Do not charge all year round.

Keep free parking at existing free car parks

No transport links near (Dell Café)

Puckpool Park given to people of Ryde for recreation and leisure

Will affect volunteers at Ryde Rowing Club. Make two free spaces available for their bar staff – as done for Appley Café. Bring in subsidised permit for RRC members for Appley car park only. (See example for Southampton rowing clubs.)

Drive traffic to out of town shopping centres (Tesco, Gunwharf)

Make first two hours free and retain 8pm extension

Allocate spaces in middle of Appley Lane to Ryde RC

Develop grassed area behind rowing club and pumping station into private car park for RRC

Private land donated to the council and must be kept free for the public in perpetuity

Customers won’t be able to afford to pay to park and also use cafes on seafront

Beach hut owners already pay high fee for their huts

In-depth email from concessionaire of Puckpool Tea Gardens

Bring in permit for specific car parks such as Appley and Puckpool payable in instalments

Puckpool isn’t a town park people can walk to. Will affect social side of meeting regular users and time with grandchildren.
Moa Place Don’t persecute the sick, frail and elderly who aren’t able to walk to the surgery

Will deter tourists from doing their shopping locally

Half hour free used by patients

Why should I pay to see my doctor?

My child swims regularly at WWSC and it’s disgraceful to charge to park on top of costs of driving from Cowes. Plus several other parents on same lines

Freshwater PC: Difficult to accept increased charges will generate predicted income. Removal of free half hour will have detrimental affect on local business and people using Brookside health centre. Lower part of car park given to local authority for the benefit of inhabitants of Freshwater. Proposed charges too high.
Blackgang Chine Put a sign at ferry terminals – Tourist (sic) go home

Why pay for a car park which has no services, surface markings or lighting

Just been awarded the concession to operate mobile food outlet there

Already costs a large amount to bring your car here as a holidaymaker, I object to paying for parking as well

Inappropriate for this tourist area and viewpoint car park

When this was considered for sale to Vectis Ventures it was stipulated this car park must remain free

Chale PC. IWC property disposal sub committed 10.12.13, included a copndtiion that the car park must remain free and question how the importance of this condition can be overturned in five months
Seaview Wight Locations and other Seaview businesses – Charges will hasten demise of Seaview as a commercial centre

Nettlestone and Seaview PC. Two hours (with ticket) for both Pier Road and Puckpool. Parish council would also like to see arrangements at Duver Road car park brought into line with the arrangements for the other two car parks within the parish
Totland Totland PC: PC asks for Broadway to remain free car park to aid local businesses. Change to no overnight parking. Would like details of justification for this and forecast of income
Wootton New medical centre being built next to community centre – 3,000+ patients all of whom will have to pay as first hour free won’t be sufficient

Brannons tea rooms. Impact on vulnerable elderly people. Many tourist use car park – advised to do so by Wightlink when waiting for ferry!

Wootton Bridge PC. Lead to more parking in local streets (Mary Rose). Also hardship for people going to new GP surgery who may spend more than an hour there. Also may not get their Px from the local pharmacy in future.
Cowes Cowes Business Association plus petition

Several members of Trinity Theatre and Cowes AODS objecting to extension of charges on the Parade

Extension will also affect RNLI crew ability to attend training or respond to callouts

Cowes TC against extending hours and removal of free afternoon
Sandown Town council object to 8pm extension of charges

Sandown Forum – don’t extend charges to 8pm and don’t revoke free afternoon parking
Ventnor Town council object to 8pm extension of charges

Removal of free afternoon parking will have adverse affect on trade
General Remove free parking for blue badge holders

Complete survey of all parking so charges applied consistently

In towns, on- and off-street have free 30 minutes

Leisure areas, such as seafronts, parks, council attractions, etc say £1 for first two hours, £2 all day

Charges applicable 10am to 6pm.

Changes fundamentally flawed with dubious legality

Don’t extend charges to 8pm (majority mention this)

Scrap them all at weekends

Health visitors and district nurses should be able to buy £50 permit for when making Dvs

Don’t revoke four hour short stay to be replaced with three hours only

On-street parking should be included in residents permit plus six hours is too short for this all-island permit

Charging at Appley and Puckpool is way of taxing family leisure time

Visitors will be driven away to out of town shopping areas

Don’t remove two hours free from leisure centres

Don’t make motorcycles pay at Blackgang viewpoint

Quay Arts Centre – objecting to charges extended to 8pm

High parking charges = less money to spend in local businesses

Are you completely mad? Another rip-off

Deterrent to tourism

Why is Ventnor Industrial Estate car park for permit holders only?

Bring in 20/30 minutes free on-street parking. Allow unexpired period on a ticket to be used in other parking zone with equal or lower charge

Install ticket machines which issue tickets with a time to the value of the coins deposited

Work with new tourism organisation not against it

Work in the evenings and low paid couldn’t afford to park so would have to give up work and claim benefit

Introduce meters at all supermarket/out of town shopping areas

Get rid of the parking department completely

Allow free parking for two hours in all council car parks with time clock (advertising on reverse)

Long-stay permit should be ten hours maximum

Charge blue badge holders to park

Don’t remove half-day free parking in Cowes, Sandown, Shanklin and Ventnor

Season permits too restrictive

Ryde Business Association – referred to Barnet

Pay and display parking is a great nuisance. Would rather see small rise in council tax and bring back reasonably price residents parking permit

Allow free parking in council car parks for up to two hours controlled by disk clock and only pay after two hours

Need islandwide review of parking. (FSB)

Newport seen as ‘cash cow’ for parking revenue

It would be better to put up council tax than upset motorists

The order is to do with spoiling the lives of residents, destroying local tradesmen’s livelihoods and raising money for a corporation

Look at example of Chichester

Free Saturday parking between October and April

Withdraw all intentions to charge in car parkling places which are currently free and withdraw introduction of charges until 8pm. Request this parking order goes to full council so every elected member may have opportunity to vote and named vote can be published (Cllr Matthew Price)

IW Sports and Recreation Council on behalf of 75+ member clubs

Northwood PC. When the report came before members itincludes financial consequences of the proposals together with econolmic assessment on town centre businesses

Introduce one hour free for all high streets

Monday, 30th June, 2014 9:06am



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Perhaps the council should have given guidlines and let us know what was to be considered valid and non-valid first. This is effectively sticking two fingers up to the 138 of the 681 people who took the trouble to write in or e-mail the council with their view. No wonder many people get disillusioned with local government and indeed many politicians. And then it’s wondered why turnout… Read more »
sam salt
Cllr Stubbings I note that Ventnor TC put in an objection to the parking charges which is deemed not valid by officers. I note that other town and parish councils have objected too yet their views are also considered to be not valid. How does this look to the outside world when the IWC are not working with towns and parishes on the Island? I ask because… Read more »
I’m deeply troubled by government officials at all levels actively working against citizens. This attitude seems endemic not only in our country but worldwide as well. Observing individual’s in government positions, they cater to the needs of corporations and the elite ignoring all other citizens. People NOT Profits. — “The horizon of most people is a circle with radius of zero which they call their point of… Read more »
Steve Draper

So enlighten me please – what constitutes a “valid objection” ??

Steve Draper

All Ryde Rowing Clubs objections, comments and alternative suggestions considered “invalid” – I do despair!!


Does anyone know where we can find online the criteria for valid objections? (where is the transparency when even our elected town councillors don’t even know?)

This beggars belief. I thought I’d voted to elect a Council with some sense (not exactly a tall order after the previous administration), but apparently this is not the case. If such drastic measures are needed to balance the books, Councillors should be making representations to Central Government for more funding, not wringing-out every last penny from the population. I’m all for efficiency savings, but I fail… Read more »
I’m surprised this piece has been published without reference to the essential factor: how ‘valid objection’ and ‘Comment’ have been defined in this context. Nor is there any indication that the definitions have been sought. Naturally, any reader of the piece will be concerned / outraged without the benefit of this info, (or perhaps even with it, we can’t know). So it ends up one-sided, by definition.… Read more »

“Btw, the council didn’t bin the Comments..” – I cant see any reference to the Council binning any comments, only that they determined them to be not valid…or did I miss something?


I was countering the inference that the Comments hadn’t been made available to us and had somehow been ignored. Some responses here would have been appropriate had the Comments been binned without reaching the light of day.