Cancellations on Fishbourne ferry route

There have been/are a number of cancellations on the Wightlink Fishbourne route today

A number of cancellations on the Fishbourne/Portsmouth route this morning (Tuesday 29th January). Ed

wightlink-ferry-srpDue to operational difficulties on this route this morning, Wightlink regret to announce the cancellation of the following sailings this morning:

Ex Portsmouth

Ex Fishbourne

Wightlink would like to apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause. Passengers concerned about their sailing(s) should call Wightlink reservations on 0871 376 1000.

Tuesday, 29th January, 2013 7:40am



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  1. Black Dog's comment not rated yet. Add your vote Vote +1 Vote -1

    29.Jan.2013 10:13am

    More evidence of game playing by Wightlink, Are they trying to demonstrate their importance to the Island of juts tryint to avoid a BOYCOTT?

    Keep going Wightlink and Islanders will make their crossing decision much sooner than you think.

  2. Island Monkey's comment not rated yet. Add your vote Vote +1 Vote -1

    29.Jan.2013 3:04pm

    Are you sure the iow council aren’t secretly running Wightlink? The service they provide is so awful, they may as well be.

  3. tryme's comment is rated +1 Vote +1 Vote -1

    29.Jan.2013 8:59pm

    It’s so gutless that organisations apologise ” for any inconvenience caused” – like it might not have done at all! I seem to remember a time when it was “…for THE inconvenience caused….


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