MP asked what action he’ll take to protect Islanders from massive Government cuts

Members of UNISON want to know what Andrew Turner is planning to do to fight the corner of workers on the Island.


The workers’ union, UNISON, have written to Isle of Wight MP, Andrew Turner, calling for action to protect Islanders amid the Government’s ongoing cuts to public funding.

They highlight their concern about the “sheer scale of budget cuts projected for the next three years as result of the Government’s ongoing austerity programme”.

Unemployment a major worry
The level of unemployment, particularly amongst young people, is cited as a major worry, alongside the hundreds of council jobs already lost over recent years.

Figures released by the Office of National Statistics last week revealed a rise in those claiming Job Seekers Allowance on the Island, whilst the national figure dropped.

UNISON argue that ongoing cuts to funding will result in overstretched services saying the poorest and most vulnerable Islanders likely to be hit.

Level of cuts disproportionate
The Letter, penned by UNISON Branch Secretary for the Island, Mark Chiverton, goes on to say,

The level of cuts which has been (and is being) imposed by central government on the Council will have a further severe and detrimental effect on the quality of life for Island residents and is completely disproportionate and inequitable when compared to that proposed for a number of more affluent areas in the South.

It finishes,

In the current bleak circumstances, our members are anxious to know exactly what you have done and are planning to do, in order to personally campaign along these lines and to highlight the devastating effect that a further reduction of £28 million will have on vital Local Government Services and jobs.

Image: suckamc under CC BY 2.0

Monday, 23rd December, 2013 9:33am



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  1. mat's comment is rated +4 Vote +1 Vote -1

    23.Dec.2013 1:17pm

    Mark is absolutely right, to point the finger at the government is necessary at this time.It is because Turner represents the largest constituency in the country and needs to be active and represent the interests of the working people and unemployed of the Isle of Wight.The Isle of Wight Council can in no way raise the £28m by scratching around.Jobs are at stake at the council and they need to be defended and are a crucial aspect of the island economy.

  2. BRIAN's comment is rated +1 Vote +1 Vote -1

    23.Dec.2013 1:38pm

    I have to admire Mark and his tenacity in defending his members against the cuts. Unfortunately, from my experience as a Union Offical, the government holds all the aces. Asking for favours from this government is like the chicken asking the fox to consider becoming a vegetarian. This will only end when and if they are gone at the next election.

    Sorry to be so negative but that’s the way it is.

    • Diogenes' barrel's comment not rated yet. Add your vote Vote +1 Vote -1

      23.Dec.2013 1:44pm

      How’s the Assisted Area Status coming along?

    • Cicero's comment is rated -1 Vote +1 Vote -1

      23.Dec.2013 2:09pm

      Don’t hold your breath Brian….if New Labour (aka Tory-Lite) gets in, led by the current cyberborg, it will be just more of the same! :-((

      • Don Smith's comment is rated +3 Vote +1 Vote -1

        23.Dec.2013 2:39pm

        I do not care who gets in as long as we get rid of the public school and Etonian fraternity.

        MPs/Lords, most of them with outside business interests. Time for change.

        I wish I could employ my wife or relatives on £30.000 a year and more;
        just for sending a few text and posting a few letters.

        looking after the dogs and children at the same time.

  3. skippy's comment not rated yet. Add your vote Vote +1 Vote -1

    24.Dec.2013 7:36am

    You will have to wait for the ministers reply will get back to you but we are looking into it!

    • Cicero's comment is rated +1 Vote +1 Vote -1

      24.Dec.2013 9:57am

      Standard boilerplate political reply hardwired into Civil Service word processors:

      “Dear Mr/Mrs/Ms XXX

      We have looked into your complaint but can find no evidence to support it at the present time. However, if your complaint is subsequently proved and it becomes obvious that we are at fault (inadvertently of course), you can be confident that we have learned a lesson from it and drawn a line under it and moved on to another well-paid job.

      Sorry, must dash as my golf-plated pension is waiting.”


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