Undercliff Drive

The Undercliff links Bonchurch with Niton on the South coast of the Isle of Wight. The five mile stretch travels through Ventnor and St Lawrence and has several points along it that are subject to land movement.

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Undercliff Drive Scandal: John Lawson Gets The Boot

They’re dropping like flies. John Lawson, former Deputy Chief Executive, is the latest casualty in the costly investigation into the unlawful procurement of High-Point Rendel. He tried to resign last week, but the

Wednesday, 31st October, 2007 12:26pm

By IW Council Press Office with 2 readers' comments

Undercliff Drive Update: Steve Matthews Gets The Chop

Just had this press release in from the council. Another one bites the dust eh! On Friday (Oct 19), the Investigatory and Disciplinary Sub-Committee took the decision to dismiss Steve Matthews the council’s head of

Tuesday, 23rd October, 2007 9:19pm

By IW Council Press Office with 2 readers' comments

Undercliff Drive Scandal: Update

Following Monday’s announcement that Undercliff Drive suspended senior officers, Paul Wilkinson and Derek Rowell are no longer on the payroll of the Isle of Wight Council, more news has come out today regarding the

Thursday, 11th October, 2007 6:41pm

By Sally Perry with 5 readers' comments

Derek Rowell and Paul Wilkinson Resign: Undercliff Drive

Here’s a quick piece, part of a statement by IW Investigatory and Disciplinary Committee. We hope to follow it up tomorrow with more details. In summary, the external person brought in to investigate this

Monday, 8th October, 2007 11:02pm

By Simon Perry with 3 readers' comments

Undercliff Drive Inquiry

Undercliff Drive Inquiry

We all know about the Undercliff Drive scandal that has caused so much controversy at the Isle of Wight Council, and given editors of Private Eye content for their ‘Rotten Boroughs’ section every couple

Monday, 1st October, 2007 10:30am

By Sally Perry with one comment

Derek Rowell, Undercliff Drive Suspended Officer Moving To Yorkshire?

Derek Rowell, Undercliff Drive Suspended Officer Moving To Yorkshire?

Derek Rowell, one of the suspended officers in the Undercliff Drive scandal has according to this weeks Private Eye, just bought a house in North Yorkshire, near Scarborough. Boy, that’s some commute! You would’ve thought that

Wednesday, 26th September, 2007 2:57pm

By Sally Perry

Undercliff Drive: Secretary of State To Hold Inquiry:Newsflash

We have just been notified that the Secretary of State intends to hold a Government Local Public Inquiry into the Undercliff Drive Scheme. Information about the date of the hearings will be announced at a

Friday, 23rd February, 2007 11:11am

By Simon Perry

Undercliff Drive – A Case Against

Undercliff Drive – A Case Against

Following David Groococks case for the Undercliff Drive Scheme to go ahead as soon as possible, Barbara Wright from the Undercliff Defence Committee puts forward their case against the proposal, including her notes from the public meeting held Monday 29th January at The Ventnor Botanic Gardens.

Thursday, 8th February, 2007 1:06pm

By Barbara Wright with 2 readers' comments

Undercliff Drive Debate

Undercliff Drive Debate

Monday evening, I went along to the public debate about the proposed scheme to stabilise the Undercliff Drive.

Friday, 2nd February, 2007 4:47pm

By Sally Perry with 2 readers' comments

Undercliff Drive Scheme: Public Meeting

At last a public meeting about the Undercliff Drive Scheme with all the bodies concerned, including Natural England (English Nature) and the Environment Agency, Council, their engineers, consultants and legal advisers. It is

Sunday, 28th January, 2007 9:50am

By Sally Perry