Should the council be able to charge for parking at Appley Park?

An online petition is seeking support from Islanders to lobby the council to abandon their plans to charge for parking at Appley Park.

Appley Park car park

An online petition addressed to the Isle of Wight Council has been launched in protest at the plans to introduce parking charges at Appley Park car park.

Set up by Tony Gibbs of Brading, the petition states,

This land was gifted to the people to enjoy FREE of charge so stop the proposed council car park charges now.

It calls on the Isle of Wight council to simply,

Leave Appley Car Park Alone!

Budget deficit
The Isle of Wight council recently announced their plan to introduce parking charges at Appley Park car park.

The proposals were met with disapproval from many who say the car park was gifted to the public and is protected by a covenant.

Find out more about the petition.

Wednesday, 26th March, 2014 2:40pm



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retired Hack

I think the IWC would be more likely to take notice of legal arguments than of a petition. It would be good to see the Deed of Gift/Covenant referred to.


The council would do better collecting the Council Tax from those living 52 weeks at Thorness Bay & other ‘Holiday Parks’.


Would consider that the land was the gift and not the tarpaving upon so therefore should all rate payers pay for the on going maintenance of this are of only the users ?

Peter Whiteman

If this was gifted to the people of Ryde, it should remain free, as a lot of people get a great amount of pleasure from using this area,for dog walking and the beach etc. Its a lovely part of Ryde.


People living at holiday parks have to pay full council tax