Asda, Newport Confirmed: Well Done VB Readers!

As predicted …

As predicted by many VentnorBlog readers earlier in this week, the new retail space beside Newport Football ground will be an ASDA Supermarket.

Thursday, 9th December, 2010 5:37pm



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Martyn Cutler
The last thing the Island needs is ‘another’ supermarket, the council should buy that land and develop it as a farm run by people that are out of work. Thus keeping people in employment and teaching people the values of good food and the skills to grow it all themselves. Maybe then this Island would not be so price orientated when it comes to food but value… Read more »
A Non


Mrs T

Excellent!! Love Asda!


Part of the Walmart corporation, who treat their staff like scum.

Mrs T

Where are the facts of that alegation?

Here we go, another scare-mongerer to add to the mix!

You need to get out more!



I think the internet tends to agree with Robbo.

James P

“Where are the facts of that allegation?”

You could start here:

Asda will have to manage without my custom…


Just right for sacked council employees. They already know how it feels.


Walmart have something in common with our Council.

sailor sam

There’s a large employer already on the Island hwo does the same so we should be used to it!

Mrs T

And Robbo? Why do you always “Tick your own comment”?? ha ha ha


I ticked it

Mrs T

Very funny!


It wasn’t a joke I ticked it as I agree


I ticked it too. The allegations are true – walmart has a long sodden history of scumbag behaviour.


I know and tax avoiders. Another dodgy delegated decision, has he actually come clean about being a freemason yet or are we still awaiting confirmation?

Better Red than Bled

At least soon we can protest in support of the UK Uncut campaign here on the Island!

Better Red than Bled

I ticked it too! Spot on Robbo.

A Non

I think it’s unfair to single out Asda as tax avoiders on an Island where so many businesses do deals for cash. I’ve come across quite a few, believe me!

Pete Quiggles

A-Non, You make it sound like accepting cash is illegal, Last time I checked it was still legal tender. Know summit we don’t?

Steephill Jack

Do we really need another supermarket ?
Is there a shortage ?
Ah yes, we need competition: it will reduce prices, close shops in Newport, use masses of materials and energy to build an out-of-town store that will lead to more cars and more pollution and more congestion and more……choice !

Michael G

Nice to hear that the Chamber of Commerce are supporting Asda rather than the many small businesses in Newport (and the rest of the Island) who will lose out because of this proliferation of massive supermarkets.

Nice one Zoe.

Zoe Stroud
Nice to hear that the Chamber of Commerce are supporting Asda rather than the many small businesses in Newport (and the rest of the Island) who will lose out because of this proliferation of massive supermarkets. Nice one Zoe. In response to the above comment and for the record: The Isle of Wight Chamber of Commerce would support any business that would create 450 jobs, especially in… Read more »

No doubt the iw chamber will be hoping ASDA join to make up for the small shops bankrupted by the big supermarkets.

No shop was ever closed down because of a Supermarket…they closed down because people preffered to shop in a supermarket. The Golden age of the High Street was pre-war. Ever since then people have been blaming one thing or another for its decline. In the 60’s it was convienience stores, in the 70’s Bangladeshi corner shops and now Supermarkets The truth is that High Streets have been… Read more »
Richard Smith
Supermarkets open because they know we’ll shop in them. Harking back to the ‘good old days’ of independent ahops gauging the public through high prices are long gone, and we simply don’t have the time to trawl through many different shops in the course of weekly restocking to get the job done. If you don’t dig Asda ( I don’t, but so what),don’t shop there. As always,… Read more »
Jonny socks
I read that “it COULD” create 450jobs” thats not a deffinate. on the flip side how mamy local businesses will close and how many jobs will be lost because of the failing businesses. Im shocked that the CoC have supported this. I have just left the FSB to join your chamber but that has now ceased. Also notice the CoC seems to be very close with IWRadio.… Read more »

Asda isn’t due to open until the end of 2012, so all those people excited about getting work there need to hope that they haven’t gone bankrupt before then.

Sandra Lewis

Anything that creates 450 jobs is a good thing for the island! can’t really get my head round why a few folk are being negative about it! your not forced to shop there!! :-)

Jonny socks
ok….. a big nuke power plant in your back garden could kill you and your family but it would create power for a lot of people on the island and south coast. So really we should all approve it because its cheap and benefits many!!? I cant see why the land owner disagrees Remember these big companies are expert in spin… thats how they do so well….… Read more »
Tony Minx
Speaking as someone with experience of dealing with ASDA as a supplier I would like to say that it is wrong to tar ASDA with the same brush as Walmart. The two organisations employ very different ethics. Ammittedly ASDA use “American” methods and terminology – “huddles” and “greeters” are good examples. IT’S NOT JUST PRICE – customers aren’t daft. Products, service, and the “shopping experience” will tell… Read more »

I thought Asda was a northern company!
As da any pigs trotters lad?

sailor sam

Their HQ is in Leeds I believe, so not as Northern as Southern Vectis whose parent co is based in Newcastle.


So, we lose 500 public service jobs and gain 450 Asda checkout jobs. George Brown and David Pugh must be delighted that the private sector are helping them out at this difficult time :(

sailor sam

Yes, but will the wages be the same?

I would use the high street more if the shops were open when I have the time to shop…ie after 6.00 in the evening! Local shops must get more savvy to survive and refrain from the blame game. I much prefer to visit local butchers and green grocers (really couldn’t give a naff about convenience shops as they are just wannabe supermarkets but without the range or… Read more »
Haulage Bob

I strongly agree, local shops should be morel like us hauliers, we work seven days a week and well into the evening and all night. My local butcher is very good, but he shuts at 4pm on weekdays and 12 noon on a Saturday. This means I miss him, buying a lot from the supermarket instead.

A Non
Pete, what I meant was that by doing a deal for cash, you can avoid putting the transaction through your books thereby avoiding VAT etc. Not exclusively an Island problem, but definitely common over here! It seems to reflect a do as I say not as I do attitude I hear quite a lot from certain quarters. Prime example, I heard a conversation just last Friday where… Read more »
Forget 450 jobs – wake up. Ever heard of FTE, I doubt if 150 of these jobs are full time, the rest will be part time so how does that help the people leaving County Hall? We need another supermarket like a hole in the head. One of the reasons people use them is not only convenience but FREE PARKING. Most Councils are so busy trying to… Read more »

Has anyone heard anymore on Asda coming to Newport? Read that a public consultation would be held in the first quarter of this year. Been hearing rumours too that Asda couldn’t get planning for the size store they wanted. Seems odd nothing since has been announced since.


I think its more to do with parking