Isle of Wight children ‘to be marked down by callous Government’ say Island Labour

Examination desks

The Chair of Island Labour says the Government have "prioritised failure, for fear of allowing too many of what they see as 'undeserving' children from the wrong areas to be awarded higher grades based on their teacher predictions"

Tuesday, 11th August, 2020 9:44am

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Isle of Wight Labour Party reject Green Party pre-election vote-trading agreement

Ricchard Quigley giving post-results speech

Island Labour reject a move they say will restrict Islanders in how they choose to cast their votes and say it's not enough to simply be "non-Tory"

Wednesday, 5th August, 2020 2:14pm

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The Isle of Wight could become a ‘renewable energy powerhouse’ say Island Labour

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Island Labour say the Isle of Wight is "blessed with excellent conditions to become a renewable energy powerhouse". Details of what they'd do within

Wednesday, 24th June, 2020 10:02am

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No business wants to endanger employees, but we should add workers to list of heroes, says Quigley

Richard Quigley

Labour's Richard Quigley says that rather than demonise firms such as GKN, Vestas and Vikoma for keeping their staff working, we should add the brave men and women going into work to the list of heroes and do everything we can to keep them safe

Monday, 30th March, 2020 3:54pm

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Isle of Wight Labour see rise in membership since General Election: Focus now turns to local elections

Richard Quigley

With a rise in memberships since the General Election, the focus for Island Labour will now be the Isle of Wight council elections that take place in 2021

Thursday, 9th January, 2020 12:20pm

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Rise in Isle of Wight Labour votes against backdrop of fall in support

Ricchard Quigley giving post-results speech

The Isle of Wight Labour candidate, who came in second place at the General Election, shares some post-election words

Sunday, 15th December, 2019 4:04pm

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Isle of Wight Labour announce new candidate for 2019 General Election

Richard Quigley

Known to many for his voluntary work, Isle of Wight Labour announce their candidate for the General Election

Wednesday, 6th November, 2019 8:32am

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Island Labour and Unison welcome neurodiversity manifesto champion to the Island

Janine Booth With The Stealth Aspies, Theatre 503, London, 31 March 2019

Janine is an engaging, quick-witted, intelligent speaker, so this should prove to be an informative and thought-provoking event

Tuesday, 29th October, 2019 9:47am

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Island Labour say they welcome broader conversation on Green New Deal

Earth day green heart :

Labour's Green New Deal will fight climate change whilst raising living standards for the many, and making polluters pay for the damage they have cause, says Island Labour

Monday, 28th October, 2019 8:31am

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Isle of Wight MP slammed for voting to keep NHS on table for US companies to buy

protect the nhs banner

Island Labour say "there isn't a single Islander who isn't aware that when Bob Seely tells us how concerned he is about an issue hurting the Island's population, we should quickly check his voting record in order to see his true stance"

Thursday, 24th October, 2019 5:39pm

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Isle of Wight residents sinking under personal debt, say Island Labour

new pound coins

Island Labour say you can see how little money is circulating on the Isle of Wight by looking at empty units on high streets, or shocking numbers forced to use food banks

Monday, 21st October, 2019 3:23pm

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Isle of Wight council risk isolating rural areas, say Island Labour

snow plough isle of wight

Island Labour say the cuts "appear to have passed through the Isle of Wight Council without proper scrutiny, and with no public consultation"

Thursday, 17th October, 2019 12:04pm

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