Call for bus shelter outside Donkey Sanctuary

As well as one of the stops being on the main road with no pavement, there is currently no shelter from the elements

Donkey sanctuary

Islanders are being asked to support a call for improved facilities at the bus stops outside the Isle of Wight Donkey Sanctuary in Wroxall.

If you’re a visitor via public transport, or even if you drive past the entrance on the main road between Wroxall and Whitely Bank, you’ll know there is no protection from the elements at either the north or southbound bus stops.

Indeed the stop for southbound passengers is very close to the passing traffic, whilst the northbound bus stop is up on a grass bank.

Plan for bus shelter
Cllr Rodney Downer and the Wroxall Welfare Committee are working towards securing a proper bus shelter outside the Donkey Sanctuary, with cover and seating.

The Sanctuary are supportive of the move and recently launched a “Go-Green” campaign. They say they’d like to help all those visitors who travel to see them by bus.

Support the survey
The Sanctuary say they are hoping to arrange a meeting in March with Island Roads, Isle of Wight Council officers and the Parish Council, but in the meantime need to show evidence that the public, and their visitors, feel this is an important and worthwhile facility.

The survey consists of one question and then a box for comments, so it won’t take a moment to complete and you won’t be asked for your email address.

Complete the survey

Wednesday, 19th February, 2020 1:43pm



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No reason for Donkey Sanctuary to run its WiFi overnight is there? Turning Routers off cuts EMF emissions, saves power & costs less, so this is good practice. Many bus shelters are inadequate with no weather protection or basic seating: Tower Surgery, Ryde’s nearest bus stop is a good example. I would personally add a request for a stop by Honor & Jeffries in Lake, too because… Read more »
Mark L Francis
I am concerned that this may become yet another focus for disaffected yoot seeking to leech off Donkey Sanctuary wifi. The only way to combat this sort of thing is to play loud classical music at them in order to disperse them. I suggest Shostakovitch’s Leningrad symphony played through a roving loud speaker van like the one in the Blues Brothers. That’s the only thing theserural scalliwags… Read more »