CalmCall app makes Gem Barrett the Island’s first female iOS developer to sell through iTunes

Ten lucky On The Wight readers have a chance for a free download of this iPhone and iPod touch app that has been developed by Isle of Wight resident, Gem Barrett.

Great news today for one female app developer as Isle of Wight resident, Gem Barrett, releases CalmCall, an app for iPhone and iPod touch devices which provides advice and audio examples for managing aggressive telephone behaviour. She is the first female iOS developer on the Island to release an app for sale in Apple’s iTunes app store.

What does CalmCall do?
The 25 year old from Ryde runs the design and development development company, Squeaky Clean Creations, and describes CalmCall as “a unique reference tool which can really help people to deal with a wide range of difficult telephone conversations where aggression may be a factor.”

She continues, “Having worked in telesales while I was at university, I know how valuable this advice can be to someone dealing with an aggressive customer. To be involved in such a project is wonderful, and being the first female on the Isle of Wight to create and sell an iOS app is a very proud moment in my life.

“I hope that this inspires other Islanders to learn app development, especially potential female developers as programming is one of the least gender-equal jobs.”

How did CalmCall come about?
The app is the brainchild of Ray Braithwaite, a trainer and author based in Newchurch who specialises in methods of managing aggression.

He says “CalmCall was designed to help telephonists, call centre staff, receptionists and other workers who may experience difficult telephone conversations.”

“I’m really thrilled with the way CalmCall has turned out” says Ray. “It started out as an embryonic
Powerpoint presentation and ended up a fully functional app with audio examples of techniques, a section of body language and even some top tips. Gem has done a great job!”

CalmCall download and offers
To download CalmCall simply go to

Ten lucky On The Wight readers have a chance to download the App free of charge.

The first ten readers to email will be emailed the promotional code, allowing them access to a free download.

For those who miss out on a promo code, you can still get CalmCall at a reduced price as the launch price is just 69p (normally £1.99) until Monday 17th September.

Friday, 14th September, 2012 7:23am



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Great effort Gem and Team. Always hard to come up with unique ideas, and most don’t realise, this can be harder than actually making the app itself.

How did you find out you were the first?


Really pleased to see this kind of innovation happening on the Island. It proves how being on an Island is no barrier to being involved with technology and programming. Keep going!

Well done on a professional looking app – I’m a little unconvinced on it’s overall appeal however so will be interesting to see how many downloads it actually gets. The same as danielvanc I’m interested in how Gem has discovered that she’s the first female IOW iOS developer? From comments I’ve read of hers on this website in the past I was fairly sure she was a… Read more »

An app to help people deal with persistent telesales callers would be invaluable!

Great work Gem, its wonderful to see your app in the app store. Anyone brave enough to design, build and ultimately sell a product should have a pat on the back. Having done it myself its not easy getting through the hoops, massive congratulations. Also haven’t commented on the VB > OTW transition yet, good job here as well the site looks great. However I think your… Read more »
Dave Simpson

Great job!