‘Traitors to the British people’ Tweet now regretted says Isle of Wight Councillor

Cllr Ian Ward has landed himself in the middle of Twitter storm after responding to a Conservative MP’s Tweet by saying, “Those opposing the Government are traitors to the British people”.

ian ward

The Isle of Wight cabinet member for infrastructure and transport has managed to land himself in the middle of a Twitter storm.

Cllr Ian Ward was replying to a tweet posted on Wednesday by Conservative MP for Totnes, Dr Sarah Wollaston.

She’d said,

“I continue to be concerned about the risks of a cliff-edge, no-deal Brexit which I think would have devastating consequences for individuals, businesses & communities. That is why I voted for Parliament to have a meaningful final vote. I am disappointed by today’s result”

Her tweet attracted 1,120 Retweets and 5,266 Likes.

Ward: “Traitors to the British people”
Cllr Ward, replied,

“Those opposing the Government are traitors to the British people. They should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves.”

His tweet attracted a great deal of criticism, with replies, on the whole, damning of his tweet. His tweet did get 4 Retweets and 32 Likes.

It was suggested by several of those replying that Cllr Ward appeared to have little understanding of what democracy means.

Ward: ‘I regret the tweet’
OnTheWight contacted Cllr Ward to find out his current position. He then admitted that he regretted posting the tweet, which he said was “made in haste”.

He added that it was his own personal opinion and “certainly not that of the Cabinet”.

You can read the full discussion.

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Friday, 22nd June, 2018 5:34pm


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Email updates?

Not his first stupid tweet is it?

Steve Goodman

‘Should be thoroughly ashamed of himself’?


Shouldn’t this man be concentrating on the Island’s infrastructure?

The man who had the temerity to blame islanders for his colleagues’ failure to deliver a fully functional floating bridge…


the auditor
Irrespective of whether you voted to leave or remain, comments made by half wits like Ian Ward are unhelpful. He has lost sight of the rules of debate and it is questionable whether he and many of his colleagues, whom he will defend to the hilt, are fit and proper persons to hold elected office. If he and others on the dreadful IWCC had a shred of… Read more »
Another Perspective

How did the island ever get to the point where it is led by people of this caliber?

Steve Goodman

The Island, the country, America and so many other countries….?

Some related number crunching (thanks again Private Eye):

4 months – Time until deadline EU has given UK to complete brexit negotiations to give all parties enough time to sign off on deal

24 months – Time during which neither the Cons. nor Labour have been able to agree within their own parties what their brexit policy should be

Even if almost everybody with the right to vote had voted, and had voted to leave the European Union, that would not necessarily mean that leaving was in our country’s best interests. So anybody who wants us to remain because they’re concerned about the future of the country is not a traitor, but could be described as a patriot – and as far as intentions go, that… Read more »
Steve Goodman
Ward appears to have picked a fight with the majority. “We’ve come a long way from the shock, sorrow and anger we all felt at the Brexit vote two years ago. Today’s Survation Brexit anniversary poll shows that public opinion has moved significantly since that dark day. Remain now leads Leave by 5%. People now support a final vote on the deal by a margin of 2… Read more »
Steve Goodman

Today in London about a hundred thousand patriots turned out against the brexit bungle, and only hundreds turned out in support of it.


How good to hear that the IW Conservative Party has disowned this idiot’s rantings. They haven’t? Well, pass me my Daily Mail.

Steve Goodman
The con. cllr. has reminded us of his previous disgraceful tweeting twit episode, which occurred at the same time (April last year) as the Mail was reporting that the government were ‘traitors to the British people’ because they were ending part of our proud history (“Tanks for the memories… Britain ends tank production after 93 years – and future models will have GERMAN guns”). Which is perhaps… Read more »
Another Perspective

Is that the Daily Mail who’s proprietor sent a series of supportive and congratulatory telegrams to Nazi Germany’s leaders, including Hitler, just months before the Second World War?


That’s the one. The same proprietor whose successor had to “promote” the evil-mouthed Dacre because even he and his partying friends were embarrassed. Double standards? Well, where else would you need to look?

Mark L Francis
This is disgusting – being lectured by some half-wit hell bent on trying to destroy this country like he thinks he is Henry viii having people lynched. From my point of view Brexiteers are the traitors who think that if they can return the country back 50 years they will be able to get drunk on pints of Mews for a shilling and still have change to… Read more »

I am very sorry we voted Leave but I take real objection to being described as a “traitor”. It depends on your view as to what the national interest is, and in my view the harm is being done by people who find the modern world frightening and so close the door and hope it will go away.


And that is why people are commenting here, because Ian Fraud, I mean Ward, has called those with a different view to his own, the Remainers, as Traitors. I take objection to being called a Traitor by someone who follows Tommy Robinson and retweets him.


when has taking part in the democratic process become treacherous?
What you want is a dictatorship that adopts all of your views.
I voted remain


What a ridiculous comment.

Steve Goodman

“Those opposing the Government are traitors to the British people”. What a ridiculous comment.