Question of County Press redundancies met with ‘No Comment’ from editor

The Editor of the County Press told OnTheWight he has ‘no comment to make’ when we approached him about word of staff redundancies, four months after the family-owned business was bought by media group, Newsquest.

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It’s been just four months since the Isle of Wight County Press (IWCP) was sold to mainland media group, Newquest.

OnTheWight received an email saying there had been an “entire staff meeting this morning at 11.50. They are looking for redundancies in all departments except reporters and advertising” adding “as they are understaffed in both”.

The source goes on to say “They will be reviewing the involved departments alongside the offer of voluntary redundancy”.

Response from Editor
When OnTheWight sent four questions to the Editor of the County Press about proposed redundancies, it wasn’t denied.

In the past, when OnTheWight has approached the editor, Alan Marriott, about rumours of job losses, he has robustly denied them.

This time he replied:

“I have no comment to make about this.”

OnTheWight also understands, from two trusted sources close to the paper, that editorial staff who have left in the last four months, have not been replaced.

Our thoughts are with all those whose jobs may be at risk.

Concerns previously
Rationalisation of staff, as well as services being centralised was a concern for many watching what happens at the former family-owned business.

Last month, the IWCP switched to new production methods using Newsquest’s newspaper production tool.

Another change at the CP, this time at the top
Late last week a slightly strange announcement came out on the County Press Website, headlined “Alan Marriott appointed publisher and editor of Isle of Wight County Press”. As it’s well known that Alan has been editor of the CP for ten years, it wasn’t immediately clear why an announcement was being made.

Contacting Alan last week to congratulate him, OnTheWight asked for a little clarification. He explained, it “effectively puts me in control of the day-to-day running of the business, not just editorially”.

Which came some way to explaining the last line of the press release, ‘David Thornton remains as the Isle of Wight County Press’s advertising director’. David Thorton (No, not the Visit Isle of Wight one), will now report to Alan.

While the CP was still family owned, Robin Freeman had the role of MD. It’s this that Alan has effectively taken over, with a slight change of title.

Alan will report to Vincent Boni. Mr Boni’s LinkedIn profile show him as “Managing Director at Newsquest Dorset, Hampshire, Salisbury, Cornwall, Chairman of NQ Pension Schemes, President of DCCI (Dorset Chamber of Commerce and Industry)”.

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Email updates?

There seems to be a lot of “trading as” going on, as Mr Vincent Henri Boni (if it is he) is not listed at Companies House in connection with anything called “Newsquest Dorset, Hampshire, Salisbury, Cornwall” nor anything like it.


Maybe now we don’t have to feel we have to support it now they have made it clear the the redundancies is “Now’t to do with us”

Are we allowed to say “we told you so”? IW residents had the chance to make an offer on the CP before Newsquest gobbled it up; we did nothing, as usual, just as we did nothing over Red Funnel. It’s all very well our being laid back, here on the Island, but that means we just get walked all over. Let’s see some serious involvement, people, over… Read more »