Education on the Isle of Wight has ‘turned a corner’ says Leader

The council leader says “Ofsted outcomes are demonstrating that education has turned the corner on the Island” and praises Ryde Academy on their recent inspection.

Gold stars

Following Ryde Academy’s great news last week, this in from the council. Ed

Ryde Academy was re-inspected on 22 and 23 November 2016 and inspectors have concluded that it is now a good school. The school was previously judged to be requiring improvement in October 2014.

Councillor Jonathan Bacon, leader of the Isle of Wight Council, has enthusiastically welcomed this outcome and said:

“This is great news for all the students attending Ryde Academy, their parents and the wider community. I am very grateful for the strong leadership of Joy Ballard and the hard work and dedication of her staff team. Joy has provided inspirational leadership since she joined the academy and I have no doubt that the school will continue to build upon this achievement.

“I am also optimistic that this outcome will be replicated by other secondary schools across the Island when they are re-inspected later this academic year. Ofsted outcomes are demonstrating that education has turned the corner on the Island and we need to build upon the improvements being made to create a truly world class education system.”

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Email updates?
m coakley

Is there a bandwagon left onto which Councillor Bacon will not try to jump? He could just have said
“Well done Joy, staff and students – it’s entirely all your own efforts which have brought this result.
Why are you grateful? Are you that important?
Who are the “we” he talks about building a “world class education system” Not you Councillor.

billy builder

M coakely. With respect Councillor Bacon is the Leader of the Council and is absolutely entitled to make comment. However, what makes you qualified to make comment or pass judgement on Councillor Bacon in this instance.


No it is certainly not down to him.

It’s election mode. He wanted to close one of those secondary schools only last year.

m coakley
Billy I merely expressed an opinion born of nearly 40 years as a teacher struggling to understand politicians of all persuasions both national and local of Councillor Bacon’s stamp making statements about education which make most teachers cringe, but then our votes are not important. Internationally the UK is in lower than 20th place in the PISA ratings behind countries like Estonia and Finland. Nationally the Island… Read more »

Well said M Coakley.

Cllr Bacon, get off the bandwagon, and leave the credit where it is due, i.e. with the school NOT with the IWC.

Rod Manley
It is going to be very difficult for IOW education to turn any corners. The Government has embarked upon its education wrecking for some time culminating in the recent bad funding policy of robbing Peter to pay Paul. The staff aren’t being treated so good either and that is why TAs in Durham and Derby have engaged in their strike actions. It is wishful thinking to consider… Read more »

Each senior school has it’s own particular set of problems as well as those created by the government and IWC. The lack of cohesive policy on the Island does not help. Ryde has currently bucked the trend for individual reasons.

I would have waited till the next couple of senior schools have received their Ofsted reports before making any pronouncements of progress. And it’s not looking promising.