Find out who will be new Scrutiny Committee Chair: Live Coverage

The extraordinary meeting was called after accusations the decision to not elect a new chair of Scrutiny at the full council meeting last week was “bulldozed through” by Conservative councillors.

Live reporting

Members of the Isle of Wight full council will be gathering at County Hall from 5pm for an extraordinary meeting tonight (Wednesday).

The meeting has been called by Island Independents, Labour and Liberal Democrat members after it was alleged the decision to not elect a chair at the full council meeting was bulldozed through by Conservative councillors. An accusation refuted by the newly-elected Leader of the Isle of Wight council, Dave Stewart.

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Wednesday, 1st February, 2017 4:45pm



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24 Comments on "Find out who will be new Scrutiny Committee Chair: Live Coverage"

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Geoff Lumley

I stay out of the ‘prayers’ part of he meeting, along with another councillor, as I am an atheist and I am of the firm view they have no part in a secular Council meeting. I should not have been been discriminated against by the Chair and his Christian adviser when the entire Council is remembering previous members.

Steephill Jack

Quite right Geoff. You don’t have to be a Christian to be a Councillor.

Steve Goodman

I’m sorry but not surprised to learn of that, and of the nature of the continuing uncivilised and unchristian contributions from the [part of comment removed by moderator].

The uncontrolled Cllr W. (or whoever he is calling himself at the moment) evidently still needs to be told to be quiet sometimes.

Victor Meldrew

Quite right to feel aggrieved at not being called to remember councillors especially as you and Morris’s had such respect for each other despite your differences.

I do feel it’s a shame that some current members can’t have the same respect for others that transcends political & idealistically differences.

Congratulations to Paul Fuller, he’s one of the hardest working members of the council. He’s an all round nice bloke. Personally I’m sick of this three ring circus we call the Isle of Wight Council. Week after week all I see are people trying to score political points. Watching the live video footage on Isle of Wight Radio last week was a real eye opener not just… Read more »
Geoff Lumley

Astonishingly it appears that Jonathan Bacon has the chutzpah to become a member of the new Scrutiny Committee !

Luisa Hillard

Who better than the former Leader to scrutinise policy coming through that he started? I trust his to thoroughly review (and understand) the papers, unlike some colleagues, who regularly demonstrate ignorance of policy and background information provided.


Doesn’t surprise me, him, the disgraced bloke and Steve Stubbings are three of a kind. Beyond embarrassment.

steve stubbings

Well, you’re certainly right in one way. None of us cowers behind a ludicrously pompous nom de guerre to engage on blogs, do we?


Says the bloke who loves using ludicrously long words. The same man who prefers writing on blogs to running the council.

Alan Price

Steve, as Potentate is a fellow blogger giving you a hard time, are you not going to ignorantly label them a troll like you have me?

And blimey blogging at 5:21am, is someone struggling to sleep, knowing that come May there is a high possibility that they will no longer be a councillor?


And your point is what? And the relevance to the article is what?

Alan Price

And this has just as much relevance?

steve stubbings
8.Feb.2017 5:21am

Well, you’re certainly right in one way. None of us cowers behind a ludicrously pompous nom de guerre to engage on blogs, do we?

steve stubbings

Alan. No. I think he’s something different.
I definitely won’t be a councillor after May.
I’ve always got up early, but I really appreciate your concern. ;-)


Ah yes…the point is to have a go at Steve Stubbings whenever possible…It’s really quite boring constantly reading your petty, spiteful comments…

Luisa Hillard

Alan Price, your comments are frequently personal and derogatory against individuals, rather than policy. I can only assume that you are either planning to stand for election against an Independent in the next election, or you are trying to discredit the Independents for the political gain of others.

steve stubbings

Awww, thanks Pigwig, but, honest, after three and a half years, I’m inured to it. (For Potentate’s benefit, that means accustomed. ;-))

Frankly, chatting on here beats trying to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

Alan Price
LH, Please correct me if I’m wrong but I have read countless comments by yourself, Steve, Jonathan, Geoff L, and other councillors on this site, discrediting many of the ‘con-alliance’ councillors, so your opinion on my behaviour and conduct is highly hypocritical!… With regards me standing for election, I would consider this, however I would only stand in the ward that I live in which is Shanklin,… Read more »
steve stubbings

Incidentally, Al, I don’t think I’ve ever called you a troll (I’ve never been that bothered by anything you say). Perhaps you could provide me with the evidence or, alternatively, apologise.

Alan Price
Hi Steve, apologies for the delay in replying to your previous comment (some of us have a day job to be getting on with), as you can see I have located a comment from yourself directed at me, which clearly states that you believe me to be a troll. Therefore I will not be apologising, and I know the concept of providing evidence is foreign to you,… Read more »
steve stubbings

If you seriously believe that the post you have copied here ‘clearly states that I believe you to be a troll’ then it’s no wonder you have such difficulty with facts.
I give up on you!
Good luck with the day job.

Alan Price
Steve, So I provide you with a genuine comment from yourself which indicates that you believe me to be a troll, and you aren’t happy? So the one time you ask me to provide evidence, and I have actually given you what you ask for, where as I have constantly asked you to provide your evidence of this ‘failed coup’ but this has never materialised, something smells… Read more »
Steve Goodman

Probably not a good idea to start a race to the bottom ‘most disgraceful/embarrassing councillor’
discussion when we could spend today on Cllr Whitehouse or whatever he’s calling himself this week alone.


Hasn’t Jonathan done enough damage already? The sooner he leaves for Barra or St.Helena or wherever he said he proposed going to next the better.