Lower income savers offered 50% tax free bonus with HMRC app

help to save rocket

Those on lower incomes are being encouraged to get into the habit of saving with the carrot of a 50% tax free bonus on the amount saved after two years and another two years later.

Tuesday, 22nd January, 2019 7:09am

By Roger Kasper with 3 readers' comments

Isle of Wight council funding pledge to help reduce child poverty

neglected child nspcc

Thanks to a motion by Cllr Michael Lilley, the Isle of Wight the council unanimously voted to prioritise funding to reduce child poverty ‘significantly’ over the next five years.

Friday, 18th January, 2019 4:35pm

By Megan Baynes, Local Democracy Reporter with 3 readers' comments

From witches to family holidays, weird and wonderful Self Assessment excuses and expenses

frog in the garden

Ahead of the self-assessment tax deadline, HMRC share some of the most outlandish excuses for delays and some out-there expense claims.

Friday, 18th January, 2019 2:41pm

By Roger Kasper

NHS Trust to pay Government fees for EU staff to settle after Brexit

St mary's hospital

The Isle of Wight NHS Trust will pay the government fees and offer support through the application process for their EU staff who wish to remain settled in the UK post-Brexit.

Friday, 18th January, 2019 11:14am

By Megan Baynes, Local Democracy Reporter with one comment

Leader of council’s confused response to question on carbon neutrality commitment

dave stewart

Onlookers were left wondering whether the leader of the Isle of Wight council had even read the letter from the 'climate emergency' march last week, when he was asked a question about it at last night's meeting and replied by talking about a different subject.

Thursday, 17th January, 2019 11:05am

By Sally Perry with 7 readers' comments

Isle of Wight politicians react to May’s defeated Brexit Deal (updated)

theresa may

Following the biggest defeat in Parliament in 100 years, Isle of Wight politicians share their views on Theresa May's defeated Brexit Deal.

Wednesday, 16th January, 2019 12:45pm

By Sally Perry with 11 readers' comments

No-deal Brexit planning to counter possible 20 mile motorway lorry park

Lorry exhaust

Leader of the council say they are planning for a no-deal Brexit and the possibility that 20-mile section of motorway in Hampshire could be closed and turned into a lorry park if there are severe delays at Dover or Calais.

Friday, 11th January, 2019 3:17pm

By Megan Baynes, Local Democracy Reporter with 5 readers' comments

Isle of Wight council’s children’s social care services: Inadequate to Good in six years

children's social care services iwc

After being rated Inadequate by Ofsted in 2012 the government insisted IWC partner with another authority's Children's Services and after teaming up with Hampshire, five year's later the IWC's social care service is now rated as Good.

Monday, 7th January, 2019 12:05pm

By IW Council Press Office

Self Assessment: Don’t miss the deadline

income tax monopoly board

HMRC is encouraging all Self Assessment filers to complete their returns by 31 January and is offering support every step of the way.

Friday, 4th January, 2019 8:33am

By Lucy Collins with one comment

Council Leaders identify some of the potential problems for region resulting from Brexit

lorry lines

One of the biggest problems anticipated for Brexit is the potential traffic congestion resulting from delays to cross-Channel ferries at Portsmouth International Port, especially if traffic is re-routed from Dover, which could have knock-on effect across the region.

Thursday, 3rd January, 2019 5:25pm

By Portsmouth City Council with 22 readers' comments

Over 3,000+ call for Isle of Wight Law Centre funding cuts to be scrapped

law centre petition - colleen brannon

A petition calling on the Isle of Wight council to abandon plans to cut £70,000 funding to the Law Centre has attracted over 3,000 signatures, ensuring it will go to full council for debate. Colleen Brannon explains the impact of the proposed cuts.

Monday, 31st December, 2018 1:45pm

By Sally Perry with 2 readers' comments

Promised action, failed to deliver: Ignored by Isle of Wight MP and Cabinet member claims mental health film-maker

crisis film

Four months after action plan drawn up, Sam says he's had no response from the MP and only a one-liner from Cllr Mosdell. His previous "healthy dose of scepticism" appears accurate.

Wednesday, 19th December, 2018 1:38pm

By Megan Baynes, Local Democracy Reporter with 3 readers' comments