Have a positive and meaningful impact on your community through this role with social justice charity, Nacro

If you’re dreading going back to work after the bank holiday weekend, it might be time for a career change. This social justice charity has two great opportunities for the right people.

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If you want the chance to have a positive and meaningful impact on the world, the social justice charity, Nacro, has two fantastic opportunities on the Isle of Wight for those with a passion to help others.

For more than 50 years, Nacro have been supporting, housing, educating, advising, and speaking out for, and with, disadvantaged young people and adults.

Changing lives for the better
They help to change lives, reduce crime and build stronger communities.

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Last year alone Nacro helped 38,000 disadvantaged young people and adults across the country – and you can now help them make an even bigger impact going forward.

Office-based working and outreach support
Nacro are looking for two passionate and proactive Support Time Recovery Workers to work across the Isle of Wight, supporting service users to access a wide range of services in order to avoid their coming into contact with the criminal justice system.

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The role will be agile and will consist of both office-based working and outreach support.

Team work vital
You’ll work closely with both the senior practitioner and practitioner within the L&D team on the Island in order to develop a clear package of support, to motivate and encourage service users to engage with a wide range of services.

These include mental health, primary care and substance misuse services, alongside other support services such as family services, positive activities, early interventions support and wider community groups

What’s involved?
Duties and responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Engage with actual and potential referral agencies including statutory and third sector agencies and where appropriate the community in order to generate referrals for programmes / activities / services as required.
  • Design and deliver an effective programme of support using specialist agencies as applicable. This should be based on an initial assessment of the service users’ needs and abilities. 
  • The progressions outcomes delivered should be recorded, monitored, reviewed and updated regularly and in line with contract requirements.
  • Maintain contact on a regular basis with service users in accordance with the requirements of the service. This includes maintaining a professional relationship and being a good role model to service users.
  • Risk assess and take the necessary actions in respect of any activities / engagement with service users including personal safety.
  • Actively engage with service users in decisions that affect them, informing them of their procedural and representational rights, ensuring they have input in shaping the nature of services delivered to them through involvement activities ranging from providing information, requesting feedback, consulting, to facilitating participation by the service users.
  • Develop relationships / liaise with appropriate external groups / agencies in support of services users’ needs and requirements. 

What’s next
The full time role (35 hours per week, plus five hours paid lunch) is based on the Isle of Wight, with an annual salary of £21,077.

Find out more about the role by looking through the full job description as well as looking at the full personal specification.

If you feel this role would suit you what are you waiting for? Make your application online today.

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