Isle of Wight council u-turn on housing plans for Seaclose Park

People power appears to have worked, as the Isle of Wight council u-turn on their plans to build new homes on park of Seaclose Park, following local outcry at the plans

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Plans to build new homes on greenfield land at Newport Harbour have been reconsidered by the Isle of Wight Council.

In deciding against building houses at the entrance to Seaclose Park, off Fairlee Road, the authority said it had taken into account the wishes of the local community, including strong representations from the local member, Councillor Matthew Price.

The council said it would look to concentrate on development of other parts of the harbour site — so called ‘brownfield’ land — as part of its ambitious Newport Harbour Masterplan.

Stewart: We need the right homes, in the right place
Council leader, Dave Stewart, said:

“I can confirm today that the Cabinet report, to be considered at next month’s meeting, will take this on board and this part of the plan will be changed accordingly.

“Our position is to secure development of affordable housing on the Island based on the evidence of need and with the support of the community.

“We want to minimise the development on greenfield sites on the Island and will only look to do so in exceptional circumstances and with the right environmental approach.

“A good example of this is the approved plan for the Branstone Farm site, near Arreton, where we will have affordable housing alongside our biosphere centre and jobs.

“We need the right homes, in the right place and Islanders in need must be our priority.”

New housing strategy
Meanwhile, the Cabinet is due to meet later today (8th October) to consider a new housing strategy for the Island which has been developed in partnership with the public and private sector housing sectors over the past 12 months.

The strategy — which should not be confused with the Island Planning Strategy — is focused on building more homes that Island families can afford.

News shared by Isle of Wight council press office. Ed

Image: © Isle of Wight Council

Thursday, 8th October, 2020 3:43pm



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5 Comments on "Isle of Wight council u-turn on housing plans for Seaclose Park"

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Geoff Brodie

Cllr Stewart trying to take credit for something that his administration should never have suggested in the first place.


Yet another u-turn. How is it that this council gets so many common sense decisions wrong? Is the regeneration team out of control? Or are they just doing as instructed by the council? Either way, there can be little confidence in anything that the council is doing.


This development will be back on the table in a years time….there is an election in May 2021.

Benny C

At least they listened. It’s a start. Next, drilling. If they want re election they have to deliver. Dave Stewart needs to cling to anything that he can. It has been suggested to me that in Niton the TT plan has been received poorly and is eroding his majority very considerably more than anticipated.

Eagle eye
Congratulation to Cllr. Price for speaking up for his ward and getting the planning application reviewed and amended. I also think the backing of other Newport councillors should be recognised. The true spirit of a community coming together irrespective of their political views. We need more of this cohesion across the island to stand up to inappropriate developments. Let us hope this is the first step in… Read more »