Refuse collectors come to rescue of resident stuck on the floor for several hours

Amey Waste Operatives

In a true Lassie moment, a barking dog noticed by waste collectors resulted in the rescue of a resident who had fallen and was unable to get up for several hours

Wednesday, 13th May, 2020 3:25pm

By IW Council Press Office with 3 readers' comments

Bin crew criticised for ‘launching around’ excess bin bags: Council defend their actions

Ryde bins

Residents say bin bags that were thrown out of the way so the bins could be emptied by the crew had split and needed to be cleared up by someone else

Tuesday, 25th February, 2020 5:46pm

By Louise Hill, Local Democracy Reporter with 7 readers' comments

Isle of Wight council want to know what’s in our household waste

Lake Rubbish - megan baynes 4

The council will be taking waste from some houses and studying its content, so they can better understand what is thrown away

Thursday, 8th August, 2019 12:52pm

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Isle of Wight beat the national target for recycling household waste

recycle on the keyboard

Councillor says it's Isle of Wight council's goal to be the best council in the country for waste management and being known as the most environmentally friendly county in the UK.

Friday, 11th January, 2019 4:55pm

By IW Council Press Office

‘Verbal abuse and threats’ lead to new body cameras for staff at tip

lynnbottom recycling centre

Amey say that although the Island does not see the level of incidents some of their other facilities have experienced, their staff do suffer verbal abuse and threats, often from traders who are stopped from illegally disposing of commercial waste in household skips.

Tuesday, 8th January, 2019 11:36am

By Simon Butler with 3 readers' comments

Where in the country does IW recycling end up? And why the reluctance to say?

recycle logo

On hearing surprising rumours about IWC recycling, OnTheWight posed some questions to the council. Not only did it take nearly two weeks to get answers, but the IWC tried to delay by at least a month.

Tuesday, 19th December, 2017 12:47pm

By Sally Perry with 8 readers' comments

All change for gasification plant after sub-contractor goes out of business

gasification plant

The gasification plant was to be refurbed as part of a 25 year, £225m waste contract with Amey. After the sub-contractor went out of business an alternative had to be found. OnTheWight has the details.

Monday, 19th June, 2017 5:40pm

By Sally Perry with one comment

Mobile recycling unit travels the Island

mobile waste unit

The Mobile HRC provides a further facility that reaches out into the community to help people recycle more. Check the dates of when it's nearby to you.

Monday, 20th February, 2017 1:48pm

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A slice of £80,000 available for Isle of Wight projects working to reduce social exclusion

Fifty pound notes

Eligible applicants include charities, community interest companies, voluntary and community group who are encouraged to apply for foundations grants of between £3,000 and £16,000.

Monday, 30th January, 2017 3:01pm

By Gavin Foster

Isle of Wight rubbish collections over Christmas Week

Recycle Reduce Reuse graffiti

If everyone on the Isle of Wight recycled two toilet roll tubes over the Christmas week, it would save enough energy to power the St Mary’s Hospital for one day! This, and more fun facts from the council, including when rubbish collection over Christmas will be.

Friday, 2nd December, 2016 4:03pm

By IW Council Press Office

Council clarify process for recycling collection in narrow streets

Waste collection operator

Following some confusion over the matter, the Isle of Wight council clarify what happens to recyclables collected from properties on narrow streets, which have different trucks to wider roads.

Monday, 28th November, 2016 10:44am

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Amey reveal their new fleet of recycling collection vehicles

New fleet

New state-of-the-art recycling collection vehicles have arrived on the Isle of Wight and are now collecting recycling from over 70,000 households across the Island.

Thursday, 4th August, 2016 4:50pm

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