Witness Appeal After Island Cyclist Seriously Injured

Each week, we receive many press releases from the Police, we don’t always feel they are relevant to our readers, however, this one is an exception. Please read on and if you have any

Wednesday, 21st November, 2007 11:50am

By Sally Perry

MP Asks “What About The Human Rights Of Victims?”

MP Asks “What About The Human Rights Of Victims?”

You may’ve heard about the recent claim from an Albany prison inmate, that his civil liberties were breached when he had to slop out his toilet. This is a claim from someone who sexually

Monday, 5th November, 2007 4:55pm

By Simon Perry with one comment

Newport Internet Piracy Arrests

Newport Internet Piracy Arrests

Two people in Newport, Isle of Wight have been arrested and bailed over an alleged copyright

Thursday, 25th October, 2007 1:22pm

By Simon Perry