Liz Earle: Job losses expected

Jobs expected to go in ‘review of organisational design’, but growth still planned.

A number of jobs at Liz Earle are expected to go in what the company have described as a ‘review of organisational design’.

Staff were called to a mass meeting recently to be told of the plans. It’s understood that individual meetings will be carried out soon.

Number of jobs at risk uncertain
The number of jobs thought to be at risk have varied from the different people who On The Wight has spoken to, from ‘over 25’ to ‘up to 50’. The spokesperson wouldn’t confirm, but did provide a statement (below).

Earlier this week it was announced that the company wasn’t going to be taking up the option to expand their Ryde operation, by buying land from the council.

Liz Earle statement

Liz Earle Beauty Co. Limited continues to evolve and contribute to the Island

It is best practice that companies review their organisational design and
processes to support their growth plans.

Liz Earle Beauty Co. Limited is currently reviewing the infrastructure to
ensure world class resources are in place for future growth expectations. A
consolidation of roles, improvement in working processes and effectiveness
are key priorities. The business objective is to continue to drive for growth and
optimal business performance.

As part of the Organisational Review there is a consultation process underway
and is expected to conclude in the next 30 days.

Our thoughts are with those affected by this.

Wednesday, 28th November, 2012 6:05pm



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Avon (not) calling? Manufacturing moving off-Island?


Sad and bad news for the Island.

But the spokesperson’s statement reads like something David Pugh would write:
“…currently reviewing the infrastructure to
ensure world class resources are in place for future growth expectations”! ?


They can lay on the management bull***t with a trowel. Like Steephill says ” world class – growth expectations”. Where is the vision and forward strategies: obviously forgot to include them from the management bull***t phrase list.

steve s


You don’t seriously believe that David Pugh writes his own speeches do you? :-s


You would think he could do better with all the unemployed graduates out there prepared to write essays for a fee. Maybe even they wouldn’t sink so low.


Possibly a service offered by email from Conservative Central Office?

Didn’t the Boy Pugh work there holding the position of position of Head of Youth with the responsibility for Conservative Future from 2000 to 2004?

Apparently during this time he also represented the Westminster Foundation for Democracy (sic) on a number of visits to eastern European nations with developing democracies.


Steve. Having conducted a retrospective review of your challenging and perceptive enquiry, my team’s initial report has revealed evidential data sources which suggest that a member of the Island-class human resource bank at County Hall might be tasked to produce this type of target-deflecting creative writing.


Pseudo MBA puppet speak for asset stripping. What was wrong with developing good products as a route to the market rather than trying to cut costs in an already profitable business?

Stand by for loads of re-badged crap and more job losses as new product is prepared and shipped from China?


Poland in this case?

This is very sad for those involved at Liz Earle. I went for a job interview at LE about a year ago, unfortunately didn’t get the job. They’re an acquired taste, some people compare them to Marmite as an employer, you either love them or hate them, but still they are an Island employer and job losses around Christmas time is especially sad. One thing they did… Read more »
Mr Magoo

Going off subject slightly but well done to On The Wight for your choice of image to illustrate the article. Summed up situation perfectly, unlike another Island media which has a picture of a smiling Liz Earle raising a glass under a headline “Liz Earle deny redundancy rumour’.
Our 128-year-old media is showing signs of age and losing its grip

Sally Perry

Thanks Mr Magoo, it was carefully chosen (all our library photos showed Liz smiling – something we felt was not appropriate under the circumstances)


It lost its grip a long time ago. As Laurie Say wrote, and used to sing:

“The County Press prints all the news that’s fit to write
Like Births and Deaths and Marriages, and what Woodnutt [the then MP] said last night
It’s modern and unbiased and it toes no party line
But it hopes the Tories get back in, in 1869”