Lynnbottom Tip to close for fortnight

Don’t get caught out by the two week closure at Lynnbottom as the facelift continues. OnTheWight has the detail of alternatives during the closure.

rubbish for the dump

The council shares this news about Lynnbottom Tip. Ed

Lynnbottom Household Recycling Centre is undergoing a much needed facelift to improve the services it offers to residents and businesses.

Two week closure
Works commenced on the 6 June and will be completed by the end of August but Lynnbottom will temporarily close between 1 and 14 August 2016, as part of the major refurbishment and extension project at the site.

The upgrade is being carried out by our waste contractor (Amey) as part of its partnership with the Isle of Wight council. The improvements at Lynnbottom Household Recycling Centre will bring it up to par with the well-received refurbishment at Afton Marsh Household Recycling Centre.

The site will benefit from improved traffic flow; an increase in the number of recycling bays and the installation of a new commercial ‘pay as you throw’ business recycling and commercial waste area. Other than the two week closure, Lynnbottom will remain open as usual from 7am to 8pm.

Where to take household waste and recycling during closure
Residents who wish to dispose of any household waste and recycling during the temporary closure at Lynnbottom may use Afton Marsh Household Recycling Centre from 7am – 8pm, which will be open seven days a week between 1 and 14 August, to dispose of household recycling and waste and bulky items.

Residents may also take a limited number of recyclables and garden waste to a temporary recycling centre that will be provided by Amey at Smallbrook Stadium in Ryde.

The Smallbrook Stadium temporary facility will be open every day from 1 to 14 August 2016 from 8am through to 4pm and will only accept the following items for recycling:

  • Paper & cardboard
  • Lightbulbs
  • Small electrical appliances (i.e. kettles, hairdryers, toasters, mobile phones – no fridges, microwaves, cookers or large appliances)
  • Paint (must be in tins only with lids)
  • Metal/Tins
  • Plastic
  • Textiles
  • Glass (no window panes or glass panels)
  • Batteries
  • Printer cartridges
  • Green waste (Grass cuttings, leaves, cut flowers and hedge trimmings only)

Black bag waste, wood, large electrical appliances, white goods, petrol/diesel, oil, and any other item not listed above will NOT be accepted at the temporary Smallbrook facility and should be taken to Afton Marsh Household Recycling Centre.

The mobile recycling centre and garden waste facility will be removed at the end of each day. Please do not leave items at Smallbrook Stadium outside of the 8am to 4pm opening times.

Improvement works at Lynnbottom essential
Executive member for environment, sustainability and local engagement, Councillor Paul Fuller, said:

“The works to improve Lynnbottom are essential to bring the site up to date and ensuring a good customer experience through increased recycling bays and better traffic management.

“I appreciate there will be short–term disruption caused by the need to carry out these works but I am sure users will understand and appreciate the efforts made by Amey through extending the Afton Marsh centre opening hours and the provision of a mobile recycling unit whilst Lynnbottom is closed.”

Paul Southall, Account Director for Amey on the Isle of Wight, added:

“The current Lynnbottom site is not a modern facility and we often see traders dispose of their waste with household recycling. The new commercial waste area will ensure we can properly manage the disposal of commercial waste.

“These works will also increase the capacity at the site and improve the flow of vehicles and reduce waiting times. They will ensure we can properly manage the disposal of both domestic and commercial waste and help increase the amount we recycle.

“I also want to add my thanks to the management at Smallbrook Stadium who have been more than helpful and very keen to support the provision of the temporary recycling facility and we are very grateful.”

*note: The commercial Standen Heath Landfill Site adjoining Lynnbottom (accessed by the same entrance), operated by Biffa, will be open as normal.

Image: jacbt under CC BY 2.0

Tuesday, 5th July, 2016 9:24am



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Island Monkey

If they have seen commercial users, ‘traders’ then why didn’t they stop them?

Another mess, so far this whole contract is rubbish!


Of course the contract is rubbish – isn’t that what it’s all about.
Seriously though – it seems to be well managed as far as I am concerned. Perhaps Island Monkey can tell us what is wrong.

Not often I agree with IM but he’s right here. It is ridiculous that the one remaining civic amenity site is being closed when the Island is at its busiest. This work would (should) have been planned well in advance so why not schedule it while Forest Road was open or able to deputise? I will wait to see whether this actually improves the problem of cars… Read more »

When am I going to get my bins then?


i fear for our hedgerows, I really do.

there is bound to be an increase in fly tipping.

when oh when will someone increase the dosage of common sense to the powers that be?