MP Andrew Turner’s Partner Carole Dennett Will Step Down (UPDATED)

Given the salary she was on, it looks like costs will be increased by Carole having to stand down.

Carole Dennett, the life-partner of Island MP Andrew Turner, will stop working with him following the disclosure of the recommendations made by Sir Christopher Kelly, we learnt yesterday.

UPDATE: Andrew Turner has issued this statement

“I have always been perfectly candid about employing my partner Carole in my office. Sir Christopher’s report accepts that the ‘vast majority of employed family members provide an excellent service’, but recommends that after the transitional period of five years the employment of family members should end. Carole has carried out a first class job, as many Islanders who have come to me with individual problems know. I regret that this will end, but accept that it is necessary to completely reform the system in order to begin restoring the confidence of the public in our parliamentary democracy.

“This change will fundamentally affect the way I organise my office, as Carole works for me both in London and on the Island on a completely flexible basis, for that she is paid £19,000 pa. I am sure people will understand that I am unlikely to be able to find a skilled replacement who would be willing to work on the same basis for a similar salary.

“Although I am provided with an office in Westminster my main office base is in Newport and I currently have no paid employees based in London. That is likely to remain the case until after the next election; however once the new system is in place I shall of course comply with all the rules within the required timescale.”

Friday, 6th November, 2009 9:30am



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Email updates?
Mr T

Rather assumes he’ll still have a seat after the next election doesn’t it?

Don Smith

Five years notice to quit – How nice for some.


I doubt she’ll step down before him. She should have gone after that bullying fiasco in 2004. And then that business at the Yacht Haven last year. Vote Andrew Turner and you get Carole Dennett.