MP says asphalt plant applicant still refuses to meet publicly

MP says public meeting is important so debate can include highly-informed campaigners.


This in from Julia Hill on behalf of Wight Residents Against Asphalt Plant (WRAP). In her own words. Ed

Isle of Wight MP Andrew Turner has responded to Eurovia’s refusal to meet with him publicly to address the myriad of concerns held about the application at Medina Wharf.

Mr Turner contacted WRAP this week to inform us that as Eurovia have refused to meet with him publicly he has asked them to provide him with detailed answers to the questions he posed in his letter of the 7th of March with a view to meeting upon receipt of the response.

Turner: “A public meeting would be better for all parties”
Mr Turner has acknowledged the joint expertise held by the residents that have formed WRAP.

“There is no way I would have all that expertise and knowledge available in a private meeting – so a public meeting would be better for all parties,” Mr Turner told WRAP that he has now rejected an offer from Eurovia to meet privately because it was clear that many Islanders would be unhappy with that as a way forward.

Eurovia should meet in public
Julia Hill, spokesperson for WRAP said, “WRAP welcomes this move by Mr Turner to stand his ground on behalf of his constituents. If Eurovia are so confident about their application and their ability to operate in a way that does not compromise the health and safety of local residents and indeed construction workers and employees, then they should have no difficulty in meeting with us in an open and transparent manner”.

Image: Joe Shlabotnik under CC BY 2.0

Tuesday, 16th April, 2013 2:43pm



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  1. James Luke

    16.Apr.2013 7:45pm

    Eurovia’s refusal to address the concerns of Islanders is clear confirmation that neither the facts nor the data support their claims.

    Attempts to push through unsatisfactory soil tests have just been exposed.

    WRAP will continue to pick at the threads until all the facts are out in the open.

  2. steephilljack

    16.Apr.2013 9:23pm

    Eurovia’s failure to communicate with people and gain their confidence reminds me of the IWC who appointed the PFI contractor in the first place.

  3. I do not believe it

    17.Apr.2013 9:09am

    It is entirely possible that Eurovia executives are just too damn busy to arrange and attend a public meeting at the moment.

    I mean, be fair! It must be an all time consuming activity for Eurovia having to canvass around the streets of Shanklin, Wootton, Ventnor and so on to ensure the continuity of the Pughrile/Giles/Scoccia regime after the forthcoming elections!

  4. downwind resident

    17.Apr.2013 11:16am

    Could it be that Eurovia have been advised by Cllr. Pugh to avoid public debate?

    Perhaps Eurovia should attend the hustings in Shanklin ?

  5. Island Monkey

    18.Apr.2013 1:02pm

    I think it entirely possible that someone at IOW council has said ‘wait until the election is over and we will sort this all out for you.’ Eurovia and their Luxembourg based investors badly need to build their smelly plant.

  6. Keith Fagan

    20.Apr.2013 5:48pm

    Has anyone else noticed the quality of the work being carried out by the contractors repairing the roads?

    They have been patching the Brading Down Road and Sandown Road Bembridge. In addition to an excessive amount of grit just laying there, the final surface is bumpy and arguably worse than the original surface they repaired.

    What measures have the council put in place to monitor the quality/standard of the work being carried out by the contractor? I am assuming that there is a quality standard set by the council when the contract was being negotiated.

    Perhaps Andrew can add the following question to his long list of questions – If there is a quality standard how is it being policed and what remedies are available to the council to ensure standards are met?

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