Name Of The Mystery Newport Supermarket Revealed?

Have you heard who it is?

One thing that is a constant truth – if you don’t provide information, speculation and comment will fill the space.

Which super marketLast week’s example of this is ‘Party 1’ whose bid for the land beside Newport Football club will be accepted, following a delegated decision by Cllr George Brown.

The identity of ‘Party 1’ still remains unpublished (despite requests to the council), but those commenting on VentnorBlog’s Facebook Page (come and join in!) have been coming up with some pretty sound logic as to who they think it is.

Adsa is coming out top
The majority of those who commented, felt that Adsa was the most likely supermarket.

Mary Hiles think that it’s, “Blatantly going to be a hideous ASDA Wal-mart: Why else would there have been billboards up around the island advertising its wares for months? (Unless ASDA are foolish enough to think that island folk are going to travel to the mainland for their groceries?)”

Kevin Barclay-Jay said, “I heard from a reliable source (if such a thing exists these days) that it was ASDA…..hope development of a site for the Football club is included.”

Supporters of Asda

  • Linda Cheeki Bassett: Hope its asda as already got the others
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  • Rob ‘Smarty’ Harrison: Please be Asda, not John Lewis expensive!
  • Joy Simpson Costas: Would like Asda, good to have a choice of supermarket. Bored with Tescos!
  • Andrew Mayne: ASDA are trying to get on the island. I’ve heard Morrisons are fighting for the land so Asda cant build a store
  • Jane Booth Howard: Oh Pleeeeease be ASDA, It Asda be Asda!!!!!!!!!
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  • Ally March: Asda…..pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease !!

Not everyone is a supporter of ASDA taking over the site …

Simon Hoare said, “Oh not ASDA please , anything but . .”

On the more general point, Shirley Boggett said, “Does Newport need another supermarket?”

Do you know?
What have you heard? What do you know?

Monday, 6th December, 2010 5:58pm



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Asda the tax dodgers


George Brown makes delegated decision? The supermarket will be the one with the most rolled up trouserlegs involved.

Mrs Miggins

It will be another reason to avoid Newport (especially when I lose my job at County Hall)


Apply for a job! Sure they will have plenty of scope for council worker skills! :-)


Morrisons will migrate and expand from current location, M&S will move/expand into Morrisons’s current location. Possibly.


Sound like musical chairs!


would love an asda i’d apply and i don’t work for the local council, would that put me at a disadvantage? i’d love it, the isle of wight needs an asda…….in newport….definately


Let’s hope you like doing what you’re told then – union representation is out at any walmart/asda set-up!

A Non
Could be Sainsbury’s who’ve wanted a larger store for ages. Could be Tesco who can never have enough stores! Could be Aldi who don’t yet have a presence on the Island. Could be… anyone!! I’ll stick my neck out and say I really hope it’s Asda, especially as they always seem to be the first to reduce fuel prices: there’s something we could do with getting sorted,… Read more »
phillip green
Can’t be Aldi or any of the budget supermarkets as much to big for their business models so has to be one of the big four. Realistically Tesco or Asda as they have the deeper pockets. Ryde Tesco is still one of their most profitable stores in UK so will not be wanting to let Asda get a foothold on the Island! But I still think Asda… Read more »

Looks like you’re speaking from a position of knowledge. Interesting take on it.

Didn’t know that about the Ryde Tesco. Considering how little money there is on the Island, what does it being so profitable say about the shop/Island do you think?


Isn’t there going to be an Aldi store on the BAE Sytems site at Cowes?


Yes there is.


How ridiculous that the Council won’t release the name! I wonder how much time is being wasted at County Hall etc with the guessing game!

Am I the omly person who dosesn’t want another large supermarket in Newport (or on the IOW for that matter)? Asda will kill what’s left of the small independent businesses, clothes shops, cafes etc in Newport. Also the traffic is bad enough already along St’Georges Way at peak times with long queues to coppins bridge. I was in Liverpool at the weekend and a new development of… Read more »

Thats a good idea about the supermarket supporting local communities.

I am also concerned about the traffic situation on St Georges Way which is busy at the best of times.


Another big store, feel sorry for the independant shops, the Island is going to look like everywhere else now, boring, if Asda do come, just don’t buy their meat, rubbish.


More large Delivery Vehicles Clogging up our roads

Don Smith

It is the KTC (Kowloon Trading Company).

Now you’ll be able to buy goods etceteras, direct from China, at cut prices:-)

A Non
On reflection, probably right about site being too big for Aldi. Here’s a bonkers idea… Homebase anyone? I do wonder though, we must be close to saturation point as far as supermarkets and Newport go. Holiday trade aside, it’s a lot of shops for not that many people. My own choice would be Morrison’s as I like their store but access and egress are a right pain… Read more »
hoist by his own petard

Spoke to the car-park man sometime ago about the minimum spend bit – he said you’re still allowed a few minutes for quick little things like sarnies or so. The idea is, of course, to discourage you from parking effectively free of charge and going off elsewhere.

Don Smith

Surely the buttie alone would cost you a fiver.
Go to the Hong Kong on the High Street, you’ll get a meal for a fiver. Or pie, chips and peas at
Joyce’s in the Newport arcade, near where Richard’s the hairdresser had his salon. OAP £3.50, what a snip:-) He’s moved, I hear, lower down towards town.

A Non

Can’t be eating chips Don, I’m trying to lose some weight!

that’s interesting, thanks! Didn’t know that. Just realised I’m actually contradicting myself saying I want Asda then Morrison’s. Doughnut :) talking of parking: Pyle Street multi storey. What a pain, you have to pay by phone, you get the first 90 mins free and I’m sure I overpaid because I couldn’t work out how long I’d been there. (Doughnut again) Think I’ll stick to the one behind… Read more »