New pay policy for Isle of Wight council staff sees senior officers earn up to £114,000

At tonight’s Isle of Wight council meeting members will be voting on a revised pay policy for council staff. Details within

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At tonight’s Isle of Wight council meeting councillors will be considering and voting on changes to the council’s pay policy for staff.

The Pay Policy is updated annually and this year sees a number of changes including:

  • an explanation that the pay award for 2021-2022 has not yet been agreed nationally;
  • changes in charges for car parking at work from January 2021;
  • amendments to employee contribution bands to the Local Government Pension Scheme;
  • new learning and development hub;
  • new pay ratios and gender pay gap information and
  • updates to severance payments following legislative changes.

From £18,000 to £114,000
Also revealed in the documents (see below) are the salaries for the 20 pay grades for council staff.

The council pays all staff at or above the National Living wage as set and reviewed annually by Central Government, except for Apprentices who are paid at the National Minimum wage.

Excluding apprenticeships, the lowest end of the pay scale starts at £18,198, whilst the highest paid officers can receive between £105,914 and £113,931 – the top end a rise of £5,223 since 2018.

The documents
Full details of the revised Pay Policy for 2021 can be seen in the documents below.

See the agenda for tonight’s meeting (which begins at 5pm) for full details.

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Wednesday, 20th January, 2021 10:05am



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6 Comments on "New pay policy for Isle of Wight council staff sees senior officers earn up to £114,000"

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Who needs more than £100,000 live on?

and who can comfortably live on £18,000?

Limit the top salaries to £100,000, and use the savings to increase the salaries for those on £18,000


It’s a good point, because when you get to the higher echelons of £100k+ a year, you are paying so much of it in tax, it’s hardly worth earning any extra.

Far better to give that money to those struggling at the bottom who would benefit from it, without having to give most of it away in tax.


The IW Council could choose to reform. Will it cease the opportunity?

Whilst I agree with your sentiment, you make it sound like people over £100k hand over the vast majority of the excess in tax. It’s more like 50%. e.g £100,000 – £27,496 (income tax) – £5,860 (national insurance) = £66,644 £150,000 – £52,500 (income tax) – £6,860 (national insurance) = £90,640 So a £50k increase results in £24k net pay. Of course people in that range use… Read more »
There were four posts of £100,000 each created only a couple of years ago. Why? Was it because the council outsourced everything possible and then found it had to employ more staff to oversee what they had outsourced, thus rendering “savings” made negligable? So the council now pays for a department head and his minions to supervise the Island Roads contract and another similar set up for… Read more »

Disgraceful you just can’t justify this. Exploiting more and more money from residents with no value. They waste money time and time again and expect us to pay for their inefficiencies and mismanagement.