Newport 99p Store gets posh – Becomes Poundland

Well, look how fancy Newport’s getting these days. The old 99p Store is being thrust upmarket … to become a Poundland. It’ll be Quinoa bar next!

99p store to poundland

We loved this humorous observation by Islander, Simon Haytack, spotted on Twitter yesterday (Tuesday).

He tweeted,

“When the 99p shop becomes a Poundland, you know the gentrification of Newport is getting out of hand..”

Back in September 2015 Poundland announced that they were taking over the 250 99p Store chain around the country.

The takeover had to be passed by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), which they approved after a five month inquiry that started in May 2015.

Poundland raised £50m to pay for the 99p Store chain.

The price war of 2013
Fans of a bargain with remember back in 2013, when 99p Store opened opposite the current Poundland shop in Newport, Poundland reduced their prices to 97p.

99p store upgrades to Poundland

Wednesday, 6th April, 2016 12:59pm



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richard orchard

What is the point of having 2 poundlands on the same road more or less opposite each other.


Stereo chavs? Not forgetting the shiny new Bright Shylock Emporium on the corner.


I presume the existing Poundland is going to close and the old 99p Store site was more cost effective in terms of rent/space?


further non employment and yet one more vacant shop to look at, how very thrilling I must say

The High Steet is dying. This is the case all over the UK. Discount shops (99p or £1!), mobile phone shops and Charity Shops will soon be all we have as we run the gauntlet of chuggers. Should we bemoan the death of High Street shopping or just acknowledge that it is part of our social evolution? I hate High Street shopping. I’d much sooner do my… Read more »

The problem is that by shopping on line only employs the post man locally and not that many at that, we need to support the high street which employs many who then have money in hand to spend, empty shops , No staff, lack of income = not a lot

To revive the flagging High Streets, most towns have an enclosed shopping centre where you can shop in comfort without bad weather problems. Birmingham has the Bull Ring, Portsmouth the Cascades etc etc. If County Hall were to be sold to developers Newport could have the same with a multi-storey car park where the existing parking is. This would bring people back to Newport and also regenerate… Read more »
The two main downsides to High Street shopping in Island towns are firstly the difficulties and expense of parking and secondly the appalling service encountered in many shops. I was recently served in a leading bookseller chain by an assistant who was talking into a phone tucked into her shoulder and who packed my book, processed my card and issued a receipt without a word or smile… Read more »

Certainly, parking charges are a major disincentive to shopping in town. This problem is exacerbated by supermarkets offering free parking.

The bottom line is that most people are driven by cost and convenience and having to pay several pounds, up-front, to park before you even begin shopping is a major disincentive to town centre shopping.


And that is to say nothing of having to purchase a Chinese made computer to complete the on line shopping experience and helping to keep unemployment up and the working man poor
Park out of town and walk a great way to say trim and healthy


@ suruk

And there’s the point. Supermarkets (and many countless others) are providing what the customer wants and what the customer wants is not to pay for parking. That’s why Currys, Dunelm, Hursts and Argos as examples have parking right outside the store.

You would die waiting for any council in the country to realise this. No joined up thinking see…