Steps to Orchard Bay rebuilt after two years of closure

Well done to all involved for ensuring the steps to this wonderfully secluded beach in St Lawrence will be reopened. If you can’t make it in person, have a virtual tour of the beach through our photo sphere.

orchard bay

The steps down to Orchard Bay, St Lawrence will be re-opened tomorrow (Wednesday) after being closed for around two years.

They lead to a wonderful small beach (see our photo sphere below), popular with locals due to being tucked away from hoards of holiday-makers.

Finalising works
The Rights of Way maintenance team will be finalising the works on the steps tomorrow. There won’t be an official opening ceremony, but they should re-open by the end of the day.

Hurrah for Community Association
St Lawrence Community Association have worked tirelessly to obtain the necessary funding and approvals to install the new steps down.

The landowners have also been instrumental in achieving the re-opening of the path, allowing the steps to be installed on their land.

Virtual visit to the beach
If you haven’t been down to Orchard Bay before, take a look around our October 2013 Photo Sphere of the beach below.

Click into the photo and move your mouse/cursor around to see around the beach (ignore the vertical black line, this was one of our first attempts at photo spheres).

Image: boretom under CC BY 2.0

Tuesday, 27th September, 2016 2:45pm



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7 Comments on "Steps to Orchard Bay rebuilt after two years of closure"

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Steephill Jack

Great to be able to get down there again. It’s on my patch !


This photo sphere is quite something! I think go into full screen to get the best effect.


It’s an amazing part of our wonderful coastline.

To get the best effect, turn your screen off, put your boots on and walk there!


I used to live there, many years ago! (early 70’s)! Storms were great! Summers were fab! Happy days

Mark Francis

Once a haunt of cocaine smugglers I understand.

Kerry yeomans

Cocanine smugglers was woody bay , !!!


Mark Francis is correct, Orchard Bay House was bought by one of the drug smugglers specially to bring the stuff ashore. Unfortunately for him the police and HM Customs had him and his accomplices under surveillance and they were caught in the act.
In this case crime didn’t pay!