Pac-Man arrives on the Isle of Wight – chomping through the social distancing dots

We all need a laugh now and then to get us through these difficult times, so thanks to Graham for sharing his photo and to the chalk artist for their work

Pac-Man eats social distancing dots

It’s great to have a little bit of humour in these difficult times, so this real-life rendition of the Pac-Man – the 1980s maze chase video game – spotted on the streets of Ryde, raised a chuckle today.

Isle of Wight photographer, Graham Reading, captured the chalk drawing of the eponymous video game character chomping away at the social distancing dots on Union Street.

Pac-Man eats social distancing dots
© Graham Reading Photography

Down at the Quay
A Pac-Man character can also be found in Quay Arts Centre in Newport. See if you can spot where it is by watching the video below.

Can Depress
The Pac-Man joke was made by the quick-witted satirical jokers, Isle of Wight Can Depress, back in mid-June, when they released their version of Pac-Man character eating the social distancing dots painted on the streets of Isle of Wight towns.

Pac-Man in Cowes by Isle of Wight Can Depress
© Isle of Wight Can Depress on Facebook

If you have seen anymore around the Island, take a pic and let us know.

Image: © Graham Reading Photography

Monday, 6th July, 2020 12:31pm



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