INCORRECT . INFORMATION! (Yes, we’re having a pop at the hysterical Chronicle headline of 22 March) The Chronic of last week headlined that the Mill Bay proposed development was ‘three separate buildings.’ With Jamie Macaulay, he of Bunbury

Wednesday, 2nd May, 2007 8:23pm

By Simon Perry with 3 readers' comments

How Can You Expect To Be Taken Seriously?

How Can You Expect To Be Taken Seriously?

The sun may not have been shining in Ventnor last Wednesday morning, but it was certainly shining in the hearts of all Ventnorians, as they awoke safe in the knowledge that their County Councillors

Wednesday, 2nd May, 2007 2:31pm

By Lord Ghome with 6 readers' comments

Report From The Town Council

Notes from the Annual Council Meeting (held this Monday) will be published later. Ventnor Town Council Meeting Monday 16th April followed by Planning Meeting. Attendees were as the planning meeting as previously advised, but also

Wednesday, 25th April, 2007 11:18am

By Mark Compton-Hall

Cheetah Marine Planning DCC Passed

18:00 at the County Hall, Newport. (My (limited) comments while at the event in italics) _Planning Mr Cornwell speaks. First covers the character of the area. It’s inside the conservation area and development envelope. This brings a

Tuesday, 24th April, 2007 6:44pm

By Simon Perry with 3 readers' comments

Priory School Planning Approved

I got in to the council chambers at the tail end of this, so there’s a lot of discussions that I’ve missed. Lots of Priory School supporters – in fact so many that they’ve filled

Tuesday, 24th April, 2007 5:58pm

By Simon Perry

Former BoatBuilder’s Views On The Cheetah Marine Development

Former BoatBuilder’s Views On The Cheetah Marine Development

Several weeks ago we were contacted by a concerned local resident, John McIntosh, wishing to provide some information for publication on the blog. Rather than re-write what he’s told us into an editorial piece, I

Friday, 20th April, 2007 5:39pm

By Sally Perry with 7 readers' comments

Cheetah Marine Goes To DCC

Cheetah Marine Goes To DCC

The Development Control Committee will be considering the Cheetah Marine planning application for the eastern esplanade next Tuesday. The Planning Department have recommended that the application be approved. This does NOT mean it is a

Wednesday, 18th April, 2007 11:13am

By Sally Perry with 2 readers' comments

Town Councillors Votes on Mill Bay Development

A full report follows later, but in the meantime, here is Mark’s report of who voted what at last night’s planning meeting …. Present: Val Taylor Brenda Lawson Steve Milford Maureen Cawley Brian Lucas Colin Elvers (Chair) John Farrant Robbie Mew Missing from the

Tuesday, 17th April, 2007 10:25am

By Sally Perry with 4 readers' comments

Mill Bay Refused by Ventnor Town Council

We hear from Mark that the proposed development of the Mill Bay site was refused by the Town Council tonight. Details of voting to follow. By the way. If you objected to the original application,

Monday, 16th April, 2007 9:40pm

By Simon Perry

Mill Bay Plans At Town Council Meeting Tonight

Due to the information on the Town council Web site being out of date, the last posting is incorrect. The Annual Town Meeting is being held tonight and it’s being followed by a planning meeting.

Monday, 16th April, 2007 6:59pm

By Simon Perry with 2 readers' comments

Town Council Planning Meeting Tonight

The Town Council will be holding their Planning Meeting tonight. Anyone interested in hearing what the council have to say about current planning applications, are welcome to attend from 7pm. Next Monday sees the Annual

Monday, 16th April, 2007 2:39pm

By Sally Perry

News Flash: Cheetah Marine Change Plans

News Flash: Cheetah Marine Change Plans

Surprise abounds this morning. Sean Sterevens has been in touch and told VentnorBlog, “We realise that there might be one or two people in town (at the very most) who don’t think that our

Sunday, 1st April, 2007 11:59am

By April F. Ool