‘Please don’t light fires’ plea from East Cowes councillor

After the Fire Service were called to the second fire on the esplanade this week, the local councillor shares a plea for people to not start fires

Fire tender at Norris Castle

Twice in the last week the Fire Service have been called out to East Cowes esplanade to reports of fires, says Isle of Wight councillor for East Cowes, Karl Love.

Cllr Love told News OnTheWight,

“Yet another fire reported along East Cowes Esplanade, this time in Norris Castle land.

“It is total madness to light a fire in or near the woods and especially at this time of year.

“I walk the area most evenings and I shall be extending my walk around the area and reporting any fires.”

Fire tender in woods by Norris Castle

Love: Important to protect our town’s Heritage
He went on to say,

“The estates of Norwich Castle and Spring Hill are historic areas and private property. The woodland is an ancient woods and it’s so important to protect our town’s Heritage.

“I’ve contacted our local community Police asking them to step up patrols in the evenings. It would only take a few burning embers to land in a dry pile of leaves or worse still, on the castle, and it could be lost forever.”

Love: Please don’t light fires
Cllr Love finished with a plea,

“I’m appealing to young people to please not light fires. I’m aware that some of the fires on the beach have been lit by adults. This is a public beach adjacent to the woods and could cause significant damage or harm to people. Please don’t light fires on the beach.”

Image: © Friends of East Cowes Fire Station

Wednesday, 22nd July, 2020 11:31am


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Norwich Castle eh?


Hmmm. Methinks auto-spell and not proof-reading are to blame here.


“Please” “Beg” I’m sure the little loves will really respond to those request, pathetic.