Red Funnel shortlisted for Maritime UK’s Award for supporting British shipbuilding

As well as having two catamarans built here on the Isle of Wight, the ferry company also awarded a £10 million contract to a Birkenhead company to build its new state-of-the-art freight-only ferry.

red jet 7

Lisa shares this latest news on behalf of Red Funnel. Ed

Red Funnel Ferries is pleased to announce that it has been shortlisted for Maritime UK’s Maritime 2050 Award, in recognition of its work in supporting British shipbuilding.

A proud British brand with a long maritime history, Red Funnel’s roots date back to 1861. Since then, Red Funnel has always taken pride in doing its part to keep Britain on the map as a global maritime leader.

Most recently, Red Funnel awarded a £10 million contract to Cammell Laird, based in Birkenhead on the River Mersey, to build its new state-of-the-art freight-only ferry, Red Kestrel.

Two catamarans built on Island
This marked the third successive UK-based ship order for Red Funnel, following the build of its newest high-speed catamarans, Red Jet 6 and Red Jet 7, both of which were built on the Isle of Wight at Wight Shipyard in 2016 and 2018, investing £13M into the UK economy, much of that staying right on the Island.

Some 85 skilled Island craftsmen were employed during the Red Jet builds, including several apprentices.

Collins: Supporting UK economy embedded our ethos
Fran Collins, CEO of Red Funnel said:

“We’re extremely proud to work within the British maritime industry and as a business, we work hard to help it grow. Our last three ship builds have been evidence of that.

“Supporting the UK economy is embedded in the ethos of Red Funnel. During the Red Kestrel build alone, we supported 45 supply chain businesses and generated over 3,000 hours of apprentice work, so it is wonderful news that our efforts towards the Maritime 2050 strategy have been recognised by this nomination. We’re incredibly proud of this achievement.” 

Supporting maintenance jobs
In addition to supporting UK shipbuilding, Red Funnel is also helping to keep maintenance jobs in the UK. In April 2019, the company signed a three-year agreement with A&P Falmouth to service its vehicle ferries for routine maintenance.

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Should get an award for ripping people of regarding costs in getting to the mainland.
Why are they not having a new ferry built on the Island and any maintenance work also?


They don’t need a new ferry right now and the one they just had built was a probably bit too big for any island shipyard. They had the new Red Jets built here and I imagine any maintenance of those will be here if the price is right.


Create a bigger shipyard then keep work locally and invest in manufacturing as that’s the key to a successful economy that generates real money


@blues26 – where would you suggest that should be located?


There’s plenty off locations with access and egress, be innovative not negative


Fair idea. Off you go then and do that.

Productive investment in manufacturing is desperately needed, Central Government should stop hiding and has a role to play instead of reneging on their responsibilities. If you don’t make things you don’t generate money. Napoleon was correct we have become a nation of shopkeepers and that’s going down the tubes. This country is a joke, no investment, high cost economy, more zero hours contracts and crap wages coupled… Read more »
Steve Goodman


The same Red Funnel that also ‘took pride in doing its greedy part to needlessly remove an Island global maritime leader from the map, along with other valuable jobs and homes, because refusing to invest in improving it’s own terminal without adversely interfering with it’s neighbours is evidently what is actually embedded in the ethos of Red Funnel’.