Shock as customer in chemist queue declares they have Covid-19

The Cabinet member for public protection gave the example of a person in the queue at the chemist telling others they had tested positive for Covid-19. He went on to reinforce the message to Stay At Home

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There are some residents on the Isle of Wight who are ignoring the message to Stay At Home if you have symptoms of Coronavirus (Covid-19).

Despite the council leader saying that the majority of residents were being sensible and abiding by the rules, Cllr Gary Peace shared with members of the Local Outbreak Emergency Board meeting today (Thursday) an example a resident in Ventnor doing the opposite.

He said the person had been stood in the queue at the local chemist and told others that they have Covid-19.

Peace: Verging on stupidity
He said there were two examples in his Ventnor West ward of people willfully ignoring the Government guidance.

“It’s verging on stupidity, you’re putting people’s lives at risk if you knowingly have Covid are going out and about.

“If you know you have it you do not go outside.”

Metcalfe: Must take personal responsibility
The CEO of Isle of Wight council, John Metcalfe, said the fastest way to resolve the problems of the pandemic is for people to take personal responsibility.

Residents must stay at home (unless they exempt for work etc) and if they do go out to remember hands (keep sanitised), face (wear a covering unless exempt) and space (stay at least 2m away from others).

That, he said, is the fastest way to control of the rate of cases.

Image: for illustrative purposes only Anastasiia Chepinska under CC BY 2.0

Thursday, 14th January, 2021 3:11pm



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4 Comments on "Shock as customer in chemist queue declares they have Covid-19"

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I am sorry that an elected official thinks this is “verging on Stupidity”, it is down right CRIMINAL and the councillors pathetic rebuff of the person is beyond Stupidity. What message is it giving out – its ok to go out and mix with shoppers if you have Covid. If only we could impeach, Cllr Gary Peace would join the list of totally inept councillors to be… Read more »
Benny C
Ridiculous. Like telling a thief not to steal again. It’s too late. Telling people they need a tv licence but not enforcing it won’t alter the behaviour of someone who has already decided form experience that it’s ok to risk not buying one. Lack of enforcement effectively accredits the behaviour. It’s clearly not that nice of an issue. Then, telling people what a big issue it is… Read more »

It’s no different from someone deliberately infecting another with AIDS. That is classed as a criminal offence!

Was the person queuing outside Boots for medicines to treat the symptoms? It sounds naive for someone to openly admit they have the virus, unless it was a risky ruse to make others give way and get to the front of the queue. They could provoke anger and violence in others. Could this person have learning difficulties, mental health problems or dementia? I hope someone pointed them… Read more »