Tradesmen encouraged to report child neglect

New NSPCC training has been launched to help tradesmen on the Isle of Wight keep children safe from abuse and neglect.

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Kelly shares this latest news on behalf of the NSPCC. Ed

Plumbers, tradesmen and builders on the Isle of Wight are being urged to sign up to innovative new NSPCC training to help them spot children at risk of abuse and neglect.

The charity’s ‘It’s Your Call’ training is designed to give local businesses and sole traders whose job involves visiting customer’s homes, the knowledge and confidence to recognise possible signs of child abuse.

Guidance on who to tell
The safeguarding training, which covers all types of abuse, also provides them with guidance on who to tell if they have concerns about the wellbeing of a child they come across while working in or around customer’s homes.

Last year, the NSPCC’s Helpline referred 71 calls and emails to local agencies such as the police or children’s services on the Isle of Wight, the majority of which were from people concerned a child was being neglected.

Real-life example
Brad, a telephone engineer from Gateshead, called the NSPCC Helpline about a toddler who he feared was being neglected following a visit to a customer’s house to install satellite TV.

Brad said:

“She looked unhappy and was very dishevelled. She had dirt on her bare legs and, as a dad, I knew that the dirt wasn’t mud from playing out or that she’d made a mess with her food; it was a build-up of dirt and she looked like she hadn’t been washed in a while.

“I knew I had to do something straight away. I had considered reporting it to someone when I thought it was just the adults there but I thought it was their life and it wasn’t for me to intervene. But knowing they had a young child in that mess was just unthinkable and someone needed to speak up for her.”

Responsibility to share concerns
NSPCC Head of Helplines John Cameron said:

“Professionals who come into contact with people and their homes through their jobs, may see or hear things that others may not. While it is not their job to decide if what they have seen is abuse or not, it is their responsibility to talk to someone to discuss their concerns.

“Some may have already come across signs of child abuse or neglect and not known what to do about it. This course is designed to equip them with the knowledge and confidence to help them trust their instinct and report their concerns. By being prepared and knowing what steps to take they can make a real difference to a child’s safety and wellbeing.”

For more information about ‘It’s Your Call’ visit the Website, email [email protected] or call 0808 800 5000.

Monday, 12th March, 2018 6:13pm



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We should all be prepared to do our social duty, but this looks a bit too close to vigilantism.
One man’s “neglected child” is another’s “scruffy horror” – how much damage can be done by mis-reporting?


How much damage is caused to the children concerned by not reporting?