The ‘Explosive’ at Lynnbottom Tip … that wasn’t explosive (updated)

An ‘explosive device’ has been found at Lynnbottom Tip. Unsurprisingly, it’s currently closed, while the device is being tackled.

Lynnbottom Tip from the air

An ‘explosive device’ has been found at Lynnbottom Tip.

The Isle of Wight council tell OnTheWight that bomb disposal experts are on their way.

The household waste recycling centre will be closed until further notice.

Updates when we hear them.

Update 16.28
A spokesperson for the council told OnTheWight,

“Lynnbottom is now open as normal. Bomb disposal arrived and declared the device was not dangerous and took it away. We don’t know what it was.”

Image: Google Maps

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Diogenese's Barrel

God bless the bomb disposal team!

Black Dog
It would hrlp if there were signs placed outside telling users that the centre was closed as opposed to a small, group of men waving people on without an explanation. For all I know therd was an industrial dispute going on. For peopld who visited the site unaware of the problem there was no alternative drop off point offered While on the recycling issue I was told… Read more »
Black Dog

Apologies for all the type O’s

Sense of perspective

Oh, get a grip Black Dog. What a self centred post!


Really? ………

I think they have more important issues to deal with today than your garden clippings!

How about we say well done to the guys at the tip for keeping everyone safe?


Ah! That’s where my late dad’s 2nd World War memento went.

Bill Blowie

An ‘explosive device’ has been found at Lynnbottom Tip. Unsurprisingly, it’s been nicknamed “Stan”

neil oliver

Off the cuff – just wondered if ayone had ever played a tune on that ‘piano’ roof?

Sally Perry

Ha ha, very well spotted Neil!


I went to the tip yesterday at about 1pm and was subject to the arm waving duo. I thought it was either an industrial dispute or the police had been called to deal with a reprobate who had put a plastic bag in the cardboard skip !