Vestas Protest Diverted Along Dual Carriageway: Updated (photos)

We spoke to Dave (Arbo) Arbuthnott about how the march ended up inside the Vestas compound.

Vestas Protest Diverted Along Dual CarriagewayAfter the surprise of the Vestas protesters’ march entering the Vestas land this afternoon, we called Dave “Arbo” Arbuthnott to find out how it happened.

Much to our surprise he told us of other changes from the previous marches.

Instead of walking through the industrial estate as previous marches have done, the march went along the left hand lane of the Medina Way dual carriageway.

While walking along many drivers hooted their horns in support of the Vestas workers.

Dave goes on to describe how they entered the Vestas land and what went on there.

Vestas workers meeting: This Sunday at 6pm
All Vestas workers are being invited to an event at 6pm tomorrow at the Southern Vectis Sports & Social Club, 35 South Street (next to Iceland), Newport PO30 1JE

Have a listen to the recording with Dave, there’s lots more detail in there …


The following images are reproduced courtesy of Darran Gange. Click on the images to see larger version.

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Saturday, 8th August, 2009 6:30pm



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