Vestas Rally Tonight, St. Thomas’s Square At 5:30pm (video)

Come along tonight and show your support.

Vestas Rally Tonight, St. Thomas's Square At 5:30pmTonight there’s a rally for anyone who doesn’t agree with the closing of Vestas Blades – whether you be keen on green, or opposed to the job losses.

Starting in St. Thomas’s Square, Newport town centre at 5:30pm (just after work), everyone, young and old are being encouraged by the Vestas (soon to be ex-)employees to come along.

The Island police are keen to point out that discussion have been going very well with the organisers and everyone is expecting the event to go very smoothly.

The police say that they understand the importance of this issue to the community and will be on duty in St. Thomas’s Square to give advice, when appropriate, to ensure public safety during the demonstration and any march through Newport town centre.

Having been at each of the evening events we’ve seen nothing but good humour every night, as you can see from the video we shot last night …

Friday, 24th July, 2009 4:20pm



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Thatcher would have sent in the riot squad…its high time we had some support from our council isn’t it? after all they are supposed to be serving us, not themselves


I can just imagine the beloved leader on the same platform as Bob Crow, sadly in reality it is only likey to be Platform 1 at Kings Cross.


The Council owe a duty to serve ALL their constituents, something that they are failing to grasp at the moment.