Zip-Up Towers: Isle of Wight scaffold alternative that’s cost-effective

If you’re looking to carry out some work/DIY on your house, the moveable Zip-Up Towers are safer than a ladder. They’re a convenient, versatile and cost-effective alternative to fixed scaffold.

Zip up towers isle of wight

We’re reaching that time of year when homeowners start to look at where maintenance and repairs need to be tackled.

It might be a new coat of paint on exterior windows; repairing or clearing gutters; getting access to the roof to check for winter damage; or applying a fresh coat of paint to the dining room.

Zip Up Towers – have many uses
Zip Up Towers have a solution for all access problems and the uses for the towers are endless:

  • Painting, internal and external
  • High hedges
  • Tree cutting
  • Access for maintenance
  • High access in narrow alleys
  • Safer than a ladder
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Roofing
  • Access to chimneys
  • Will fit inside – stairways, ceilings, plastering, coving

Convenient and cost-effective alternative
For many home or business owners the cost of hiring scaffolding can be a barrier to getting the work done.

That’s where Zip Up Towers come in. They provide a more convenient and cost-effective alternative to the often-unwieldy fixed scaffolding.

zip up towers isle of wight

What is a Zip Up Tower?
Zip Up Towers are highly versatile, standalone scaffolding towers that can fit into almost any space, inside and outside your property.

If you have a narrow alleyway, don’t worry, Zip Up Towers can provide narrow gauge towers for restricted access areas.

Unrestricted access?
If you’re working within a larger area of unrestricted access the double-width towers are perfect for the job.

zip up towers isle of wight
Perhaps you have a large hedge that is taking over the garden or an outside wall that needs attention? With Zip Up Towers’ Spandeck Boards you can construct the towers to span long gaps of up to ten metres.

Service to suit you
Wherever you live on the Isle of Wight, the towers can be dropped off and pasma trainedpicked up within 24 hours, allowing you to assemble yourself to the height or width required in your own time.

Alternatively, the company can provide PASMA trained staff to erect the towers to your specification. Just let them know where and to what size.

zip up towers isle of wight

Safety first
If you have a large area to cover, the fixed stabilisers that allow you to move the towers around flat areas without comprising safety will bring peace of mind.

The smallest tower is two metres tall and has working platform, plus a handrail. The maximum tower height is ten metres.

zip up towers isle of wight

Place your order today
Zip Up Towers can be delivered with 24 hours Islandwide.

If you need to hire a tower, call Graeme on 01983 813 013 or 07809 343385 today.

Check the Zip Up Towers Website for more detail.

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