Isle of Wight planning applications : Mapped – Let us know what you think

Welcome to a new trial for OnTheWight! Do get involved – we hope you’ll give us your views.

Below we have a map of all of the current planning applications on the Isle of Wight, as at 3rd June 2015.

It’s a product of OnTheWight working with Isle of Wight-based Open University academic and Open Knowledge data storyteller and all-round good egg, Tony Hirst. The first of many, we hope.

With this collaboration, we aim to bring OnTheWight readers new features that we hope you’ll find interesting, engaging and most importantly useful.

Let us know what you think!
We’re really interested in getting all of your views on it, so please comment below or send us an email – Are we close to target? Do you think this is useful? Do you like it? What could we do to improve it? Any other data you’d like to see mapped? – Just give us anything that you think might be useful.

Update 4.Jun.15: Many lovely comments said on Facebook about this.


  1. Mary Towle

    3.Jun.2015 10:41pm

    Why no Planning application for the Pennyfeathers site? This looks like I great idea and so much easier than trawling through the Planning departments site. Well done.

    • Simon Perry

      4.Jun.2015 8:01am

      Hi Mary, thanks for the kind words.

      The planning applications included in this map are the ones that the council defines as ‘currently under consideration’, ie the ones that, if you sent a comment to the council, they’d have to take into account when they’re considering the application.

      I’ve just take a look back and I think they last Pennyfeathers application opened and closed for consultation back in January 2015.

      One idea we’re considering is building an archive of planning applications, so you can look back at this type of thing. It would take quite a bit of work – do you think it’d be worthwhile?

  2. Barry Jolliffe

    4.Jun.2015 5:55am

    Excellent well done.

  3. I agree with Barry- a very useful and excellent piece of work. I love the ability to drill down to the details rather than having to find one’s way through the IWC planning portal.

  4. Great work – this is a really useful project and dead easy to use.

  5. Stewart Blackmore

    4.Jun.2015 10:22am

    A great initiative and well done to all concerned.
    I shouldn’t think that the archive could provide anything further – no need to do the Council’s job for them free!

  6. A great idea,well thought,full congratulations,why it has not been done before,but better late than never.As i am retired in newport after spending over 45yrs at driving in and out the RAF.But yes this a very good idea.

  7. This is an excellent idea. Is it possible to extend it continuing to show those applications eg previously, the Asphalt Plant where a decision has not been made? That was eventually re-advertised, but letters were still pouring in beyond the deadline date as with the current Red Funnel Application in East Cowes. It is not shown as current but it most definitely is.
    Another idea is a possible historic link ie Waitrose current Application to vary Condition 7? That has been varied in the past and another variation is being asked for.

  8. Michael Cox

    31.Oct.2015 10:33pm

    Really do think this,great one,excellent is a great way to inform about works been done or are to be done

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