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Letter: Help prevent drownings in open water by sharing safety messages

no swimming sign

There are several agencies involved in water safety campaigns looking to make people to be aware of the risks and choose to swim in areas that are safe.

Wednesday, 18th July, 2018 3:16pm

By Elizabeth Clements with one comment

Young people struggling with eating disorders turn to Childline


The NSPCC is calling on Government to invest some of the £300 million it has committed for children’s mental health services towards early support services such as Childline, as the number of young people who call about eating disorders continues to rise.

Thursday, 12th July, 2018 6:50pm

By Wendy Robinson

Use water wisely to avoid hose pipe ban, say water company


With temperatures rising and a heatwave sweeping across the UK, Southern Water say they're hitting peak demand for water and provide tips on how you can help to save water.

Tuesday, 26th June, 2018 7:52pm

By Ben Earl with 6 readers' comments

Letter: A change in verge cutting policy is needed on the Isle of Wight

Verges - Don Brame

This reader from Whitwell says that aside from the impact on wildlife, there's evidence that over-cutting changes the characteristics of a road and can encourages drivers to increase speed. He's calling for changes in Isle of Wight council policy.

Friday, 8th June, 2018 6:41pm

By Don Brame with 4 readers' comments

Letter: Why can’t we have 16+ education that suits Isle of Wight needs?

nick stuart lib dem

Leader of the Isle of Wight LibDems asks why can’t we have 16+ education that suits the needs and wishes of the Island? A diverse education system across the Island for a diverse population.

Friday, 25th May, 2018 9:41am

By Nick Stuart

Letter: Social media companies must take responsibility for child sexual abuse on their platforms

teenager mobile phone

The NSPCC is urging people to join their campaign for action to be taken to help bring a halt to children being coerced and manipulated to live-stream their own sexual abuse.

Wednesday, 16th May, 2018 11:26am

By Emma Motherwell with 2 readers' comments

Letter: Let’s celebrate kindness to overcome stress

random acts of kindness

During Mental Health Awareness Week, Cllr Michael Lilley is calling on us all to consider kindness to ourselves and others as a first step to combat the reality of everyday stress of living.

Sunday, 13th May, 2018 11:48am

By Michael Lilley with 3 readers' comments

Letter: Home Education registration ‘a good first step’

home schooled

Leader of the Isle of Wight LibDems, who is also a teacher and professional sports coach, shares his view on the proposed registration of home schooled children.

Friday, 11th May, 2018 9:12am

By Nick Stuart

Letter: Politicians need to ‘step forward with urgency’ to save Studio School

Studio School interior

The national education spokesperson for the Green Party claims "local and national politicians who make speeches about social mobility, improving standards and increasing opportunities for young people outside of the classroom, really must step forward with urgency, put these words into action" and fight to save the Isle of Wight Studio School.

Thursday, 3rd May, 2018 7:39am

By Vix Lowthion with 6 readers' comments

Letter: Parents make strong case for the Studio School to be saved

iw studio school

Parents of students at the Isle of Wight Studio School urge Islanders to help them fight to save this well-performing and happy school that provides a much-needed alternative for an important number of students on the Island.

Tuesday, 1st May, 2018 6:45pm

By Sharon Lake with 3 readers' comments

Letter: Several ideas of how to improve the ASDA roundabout

Google Mpas of Asda roundabout

This reader believes he's found a number of flaws in the ASDA roundabout and makes suggestions on how it could be improved.

Friday, 20th April, 2018 5:59pm

By Colin with 3 readers' comments

Letter: Isle of Wight council, (please) don’t leave me hangin’ on the telephone

telephone in hand

This reader says he was waiting for an hour on a call to the Isle of Wight council (to talk about fire alarms). Have you had similar problems or has it been great?

Monday, 16th April, 2018 3:38pm

By Alan Smith with 2 readers' comments