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Letter: So it’s ‘up to us’ to suppress the Indian Covid variant!

Nadhim Zahawai

Timothy Spencer from Newport responds to the vaccines minister's views on suppressing the Indian variant of Covid-19

Sunday, 16th May, 2021 10:08am

By Timothy Spencer with 15 readers' comments

Letter: Should some road changes for Newport diversion stay in place after works are complete?

Diversion sign with 'fri' drawn on changing it into friends

This reader says he's found the diversions in Newport, whilst the St George's Way work takes place, to be smooth and with minimal disruption. Do you agree?

Wednesday, 12th May, 2021 10:47am

By Colin Potter with 4 readers' comments

LibDem Chair shares Open Letter to Brighstone residents

Nick Stuart

Brighstone parish councillor, Nick Stuart, who is also Chair of the Isle of Wight Liberal Democrats, said he's keen to hear from residents about any concerns

Tuesday, 11th May, 2021 12:27pm

By Nick Stuart

Letter: Another low turnout at election time – So who is the loser?

scrabble letters spelling out v o t e by Glen Carrie

Tracy considers the various ways to address low turnout at election time

Sunday, 9th May, 2021 3:51pm

By Tracy Mikich with 15 readers' comments

Letter: Protect green spaces to secure our beautiful West Wight for generations to come

Chris Jarman - election candidate for Freshwater

Independent candidate Chris Jarman shares his views on protecting green spaces to "ensure our continued well-being and to secure our beautiful West Wight for generations to come"

Wednesday, 5th May, 2021 8:05am

By Chris Jarman

Letter: In the absence of a central Standards Board, use your election votes wisely say two current and former councillors

man wearing grey t-shirt with arms crossed

Pauline Evans and Alasdair Steane highlight how the abolition of a central Standards Board has impacted town and parish councils on the Isle of Wight

Thursday, 29th April, 2021 6:23pm

By Pauline Evans and Alasdair Steane with 4 readers' comments

District Commander for the Isle of Wight shares this update with residents

Sarah Jackson

Superintendent Sarah Jackson shares this letter to all residents of the Isle of Wight, setting out how the police are responding to Covid-19 rules and guidelines, as well as how they have been tackling crime

Thursday, 29th April, 2021 3:29pm

By Sarah Jackson with 3 readers' comments

Letter: Do changes to the health service matter, so long as patients get the treatment they need, when they need it?

front of ambulance

This reader explores the planned changed to the Isle of Wight Ambulance Service

Friday, 23rd April, 2021 8:21am

By Hans Bromwich with 11 readers' comments

Letter: Cancelling Isle of Wight Road Races 2021 is not down to ‘Corruption’ – Read the detail

Middle Road by Tapnell Farm

Thomas lays out in detail the process for a Closed Roads race and why he says the cancelling of the Isle of Wight Road Races 2021 is not down to ‘corruption’, as some on Social Media have claimed.

Monday, 19th April, 2021 12:42pm

By Thomas Cowley with 3 readers' comments

Letter: One simple Covid measure missing from Isle of Wight ferries (updated)

Red handrail

This reader shares what he believes is a simple Covid-19 measure that could make travelling on ferries safer

Monday, 19th April, 2021 9:43am

By Paul Carter with 9 readers' comments

Letter: We need radical change at grassroots in Island politics to be competent

empty chairs in a room

Independent candidate, Michael Lilley, explores the issue of a lack of candidates for many town or parish council wards in the upcoming elections

Wednesday, 14th April, 2021 6:12pm

By Michael Lilley with 21 readers' comments

Letter: I think our voters are smarter than the Our Ryde candidate believes

Steve Sheridan

The Conservative candidate for Ryde North West challenges the views expressed by Our Ryde contender for the same seat, Phil Jordan

Tuesday, 13th April, 2021 7:10pm

By Steve Sheridan with 12 readers' comments