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Letter: Here’s how we could have avoided such a devastating Lockdown

man on laptop at dinner table

Read how George Lamberty believes the UK could have avoided such "harsh Covid-19 lockdowns"

Saturday, 13th February, 2021 3:25pm

By George Lamberty with 21 readers' comments

Letter: Branstone Farm Development – A Lost Opportunity for Isle of Wight Biosphere

Artist impression of Branstone Farm development

This reader believes the Branstone Farm development is a "20th Century rehash", with a lack of forward thinking. Read how they think it have been developed

Monday, 8th February, 2021 9:19am

By Angela Hewitt with 3 readers' comments

Letter: Ferry T&Cs look like they can restrict travel for those travelling when they shouldn’t be

Man holding his hand up in stop motion

This reader feels the Terms and Conditions for Wightlink Ferries shows that they could stop those travelling that shouldn't be if they wanted

Monday, 8th February, 2021 8:14am

By John Hague with 8 readers' comments

Letter: How can we canvass or collect signatures to stand in May election during Covid restrictions?

man with face mask and rubber gloves

The Mayor of Yarmouth asks how the May elections can be run fairly if candidates can't canvass or even collect signatures to stand

Tuesday, 2nd February, 2021 5:34pm

By Steve Cowley with 11 readers' comments

Letter: Call for Bob Seely to vote for Trade Deal amendment

Computer keyboard

The Trade Bill will be voted on in Parliament very soon, and has been amended to give Parliament a say on trade deals. This reader is hoping our MP will vote for the amendment and urges others to write to him

Sunday, 17th January, 2021 5:23pm

By Christine Lightbody with 5 readers' comments

Letter: 1,600 laptops sounds impressive – but it’s not the full story

person using a laptop

Peter Shreeve from the National Education Union says the news that 800 laptops have been given out and another 780 are due is not the whole story

Sunday, 17th January, 2021 11:39am

By Peter Shreeve with 4 readers' comments

Letter: Isle of Wight vaccination process should be example for the rest of the UK

influenza vacccination

This reader shares his and his wife's experience of receiving Covid vaccinations in Freshwater last weekend

Wednesday, 13th January, 2021 11:01am

By Don Adams with 2 readers' comments

Letter: More can be done by ferry companies to protect our ‘gateways’ from Covid-19

Ferry port at Yarmouth

This reader believes that much more can easily be done by the ferry companies to protect the Isle of Wight and its high percentage of older and vulnerable residents from Covid-19. He explains how here

Monday, 11th January, 2021 1:09pm

By Thomas Cowley with 9 readers' comments

Letter: Concerns that people with disabilities could have ferry services impacted after EU-exit law changes (updated)

Here’s Matt Smith’s letter to the MP where he lays out what he thinks could be the unintended consequence of recent law changes after Brexit that would impact people with disabilities travelling across the Solent

Friday, 8th January, 2021 3:54pm

By Matthew Smith with one comment

Letter: If ferry companies are going to accept subsidies they should have turned away non-essential travellers

mini campervan with holiday bags by Nubia Navarro

This letter writer believes that the ferry companies should have been asking the reason why passengers booked to travel with them, as well as what tier they were travelling from

Friday, 8th January, 2021 10:32am

By Anonymous with 6 readers' comments

Letter: Here’s my list of new criteria MPs should pass before selection

Houses of Parliament

This reader believes that there should be new criteria for MPs before they are selected. See if you agree with his list

Wednesday, 6th January, 2021 6:05pm

By Peter Geach with 35 readers' comments

Letter: Can ‘due course’ be today Prime Minister?

school desk with papers and pens

This letter writer says of the Prime Minister, "Dithering is making the situation worse for schools, pupils, staff and the communities, in which they live"

Monday, 4th January, 2021 1:11pm

By Peter Shreeve with 10 readers' comments