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Bob Seely spoke in favour of regular Covid-19 testing for NHS staff but then voted against it. Here’s what he said when News OnTheWight asked him why

bob seely and chris heaton harris

After Islanders were confused why Bob Seely said he wants regular Covid-19 testing for NHS staff, then voted against it the same day, News OnTheWight got in touch to find out why. Here’s his reply

Monday, 29th June, 2020 6:37pm

By Sally Perry with 16 readers' comments

Seely votes against weekly Covid-19 testing for NHS and care home staff

weekly testing for care staff

The day before he issued a press release praising Isle of Wight NHS and care home staff, Isle of Wight MP voted against weekly Covid-19 testing for them

Thursday, 25th June, 2020 5:27pm

By Sally Perry with 11 readers' comments

Petition calling for resignation of Isle of Wight MP gathering pace

Bob Seely - Writing his acceptance speech?

Cameron Palin explains why he launched a petition calling for the resignation of Isle of Wight MP Bob Seely after he breached lockdown rules

Monday, 8th June, 2020 11:53am

By Sally Perry with 40 readers' comments

Seely’s Seaview BBQ lockdown breach: The public react (updated)

Bob Seely arrives

Breach of his own government’s own guidance, Bob Seely attended a BBQ in Seaview - that we now know. Here we’ve gathered some of the public reaction, since the news broke - tl;dr: They’re not happy

Saturday, 6th June, 2020 6:42pm

By Sally Perry with 72 readers' comments

Isle of Wight MP says ‘explanation seemed entirely reasonable’: While IW politicians call for Dominic Cummings’ resignation

dominic cummings on typewriter

Labour, Green and LibDem politicians on the Isle of Wight question the lockdown actions of the Government's special advisor Dominic Cummings. The Isle of Wight MP responds

Tuesday, 26th May, 2020 1:48pm

By Sally Perry with 45 readers' comments

Affordable home development revealed for former education centre at Branstone Farm

branstone farm development

Only two affordable homes have been built on the Isle of Wight in the last year, so these prefab homes should fill the housing gap say Vectis Housing

Monday, 16th March, 2020 8:13am

By Louise Hill, Local Democracy Reporter with 2 readers' comments

‘Where is the much-heralded Island Deal?’ asks, Isle of Wight Labour

Richard Quigley

Island Labour ask where the much heralded Island Deal is, adding that "Cllr Dave Stewart must be feeling either embarrassed or betrayed"

Thursday, 12th March, 2020 11:27am

By Sally Perry with 7 readers' comments

Letter: Considered vulnerable to Covid-19, but forced to work says 60+year-old pensionless pensioner

Island Buses:

This reader said it's time the government gave assurances to the 1950's-born women who are forced to work due to the last minute change to pension age, but appear to be in the vulnerable category for Covid-19

Monday, 9th March, 2020 6:40pm

By Cathy Elobeid with 11 readers' comments

Boris Johnson ‘confirmed commitment’ to Island Deal say Conservative councillors

Dave Stewart

At a Conservative councillor event at the weekend, IW cllrs say Prime Minister Boris Johnson confirmed his commitment to an Island Deal

Wednesday, 4th March, 2020 9:50am

By IW Council Press Office with 6 readers' comments

Breakdown of Isle of Wight candidate’s General Election expenses

fifty pound notes

Find out who spent the most, how much each vote cost the candidates and details of donations - including the massive £10,000 donation for one candidate

Tuesday, 11th February, 2020 1:54pm

By Louise Hill, Local Democracy Reporter with 8 readers' comments

Boundary Commission Review, recommending two MPs for the Isle of Wight, could be scrapped

Isle of Wight - National election boundary changes - Final recommendations - Sept 2018

Isle of Wight MP, Bob Seely, says he'll reserve judgement until more detailed plans are published

Friday, 24th January, 2020 11:20am

By Sally Perry with 10 readers' comments

Isle of Wight Labour see rise in membership since General Election: Focus now turns to local elections

Richard Quigley

With a rise in memberships since the General Election, the focus for Island Labour will now be the Isle of Wight council elections that take place in 2021

Thursday, 9th January, 2020 12:20pm

By Julian Critchley with 8 readers' comments