How DO you cast a vote if you’re blind on the Isle of Wight?

Polling station sign on a bush

All votes should be equal. Learn how people with sight issues exercise their democratic right to vote. In short, it’s hard - so much so a judge rules it a ‘parody of the electoral process’

Wednesday, 5th May, 2021 6:36pm

By Sally Perry with 2 readers' comments

Independent candidate attracts enthusiastic cross-party support

ian dore with inserts of ivor, richard and vix

Dore says the approach being taken speaks volumes and that "if there was ever a real chance to snatch the seat back from the Blues, this is it"

Wednesday, 5th May, 2021 9:05am

By Sally Perry with 2 readers' comments

Watch: Ryde skatepark users share their frustrations about closure of skatepark

Ryde skateboarders

In this three minute segment, Ryde skateboarders and Zoe Thompson from Wight Trash talk to BBC reporter Ben Moore about the closure of Ryde skatepark

Friday, 23rd April, 2021 4:52pm

By Sally Perry with 3 readers' comments

It’s just over one year since first Isle of Wight Covid-19 case

Person holding a Covid-19 test tube

We’re marking a year since the first Isle of Wight positive Coronavirus case by taking a look at the how the numbers developed over the following 12 months

Wednesday, 10th March, 2021 2:24pm

By Sally Perry

‘Where there’s a pub, there’s a community’: Support needed for pubs say neo-localist think tank

In a pub pulling pints

The chief executive of Localis says "Where there’s a pub, there’s a community" and that pubs should be given a licence fee refund as well as offered diversification grants

Tuesday, 9th March, 2021 12:06pm

By Jonathan Werran

Isle of Wight community come together to help fund missing puppy

Shadow the missing puppy

Shadow's owner was overwhelmed by the number of people who turned out to search for Shadow in person and who spread the news on social media

Monday, 8th March, 2021 10:19am

By Peter Cunliffe

New books for primary school pupils on World Book Day

Leah Tosdevin with the books

How are you celebrating World Book Day? Morrisons have made a donation of books to a local primary school to help boost literacy skills

Thursday, 4th March, 2021 11:53am

By Leah Tosdevin with one comment

The suggestion I’d deliberately upset Cllr Smart is a gross insult, says Councillor (updated)

laptop on table

Cllr Geoff Brodie said the suggestion by Cllr Dave Stewart that he would deliberately upset a fellow councillor who was talking about her late husband "is a gross insult"

Friday, 26th February, 2021 5:30pm

By Louise Hill, Local Democracy Reporter with 13 readers' comments

If you’re told you can’t have a cervical screening during Lockdown, persist

brown rotary phone

This Islander says she tried to book a cervical screening but was told they're not happening during Lockdown. IW CCG say they are. Have you had problems?

Monday, 15th February, 2021 5:03pm

By Sally Perry with one comment

Washing-up liquid and a forklift: Squeezing the World’s first electric city car into Quay Arts (photos and video) (updated)

Enfiled 8000 going tinto Quay Arts - Feb 2018

It took a forklift and some clever use of washing-up liquid to manage to squeeze the World’s first electric city car (designed and built on the Isle of Wight) into the top floor of Quay Arts three years ago. Here are the pics and a video of the delicate process

Tuesday, 9th February, 2021 6:57pm

By Sally Perry with 5 readers' comments

Work to begin on UKSA’s new £3.7m centre in Cowes

Artist impression of UKSA Building

Over £3.7m has been raised to build the new accommodation centre which will enable an additional 3,000 children and young people to visit UKSA each year

Thursday, 4th February, 2021 6:20pm

By Chloe Buchanan with one comment

Kevin’s new skills – Photos of outer space taken from his Isle of Wight garden – All learnt during Lockdown

Kevin Power in his garden with his telescope and images from outer space

Kevin wanted to turn the downsides of Lockdown on their head - so took up a new hobby. The results are here for all to see - his incredible shots of space from his Isle of Wight back garden.

Saturday, 30th January, 2021 6:38pm

By Richard Cattle with 2 readers' comments