Vestas Sit-In: Day 10 Report From Inside: Redundancy Payments Postponed for all Staff

Mike’s latest update from inside the Vestas plant.

Thanks to Mike from inside Vestas for sending through this update to share with our readers. Ed

Vestas Sit-In: Day 10 Report From Inside: Redundancy Payments Postponed for all StaffWe have just received confirmation that Vestas are postponing the redundancy payments for all 600 workers.

The management have not completed all the one to one consultations, not all the workers are happy with what they are being offered and until they all agree it cant be completed.

We are sorry for the workers that were happy to accept what they were offered, but we have not stopped any payments from happening.

We have let people make up their own minds and the majority of the workforce are refusing to sign.

Everyone will still receive full pay until the extended consultation period ends and this will benefit a lot of workers, as they will now qualify for an extra week or two weeks redundancy were previously they had fallen just a few days shy of the year mark.

Day 10
Today has been a good day food wise, at 9:30am we received a sandwich, cereal bar, fruit and a drink, at 11:50am for some reason management delivered a bag of bananas and biscuits.

For our evening meal we received decent size portions of chicken curry and rice with bread and a drink.

For those of you that were not here to witness it at 2pm this afternoon a group of supporters in fancy dress created a diversion around the main entrance while two others came through the hedge with a duffle bag full of food which we received successfully.

Thanks you guys, it was excellent to watch and even better to see the looks on peoples faces when they realised what was happening.

Last night Vestas delivered us paperwork to our homes which we are not happy about!

They’ve gone from bullying their workforce to harassing their families! Vestas know were we are so leave our families alone!

We have been trying to spread the word today, making new media contacts and drumming up support, hopefully you guys are doing the same, letting people know about the rally at 1pm, St Thomas Square, Newport on Saturday followed by a march ending outside the factory.

Thanks again for being here tonight guys, its great to see you all and we’ll see you same time tomorrow.

Friday, 31st July, 2009 2:57pm



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